May the people vote with intelligence!


I remember the damage
that Maggie Thatcher did to this country in the 80’s and I dread the thought of
what David Cameron will do to worsen the situation for the ordinary people, if
or when elected, if the polls are anything to go by.  The BBC enjoyed digging the knife into Gordon
Brown as usual, still majoring on it even after he took the trouble to go
personally to her home to apologise for his under the breath remark.  Chris Evans, who I had welcomed to Radio 2’s
breakfast show and enjoyed his refreshing approach, disappointed me, when as a
joke he started his programme the next morning pretending that he thought his microphone wasn’t switched on ! 

It seems to me that ever since he became
Prime Minister, the media have had it in for Gordon Brown, but even though I am
a Liberal Democrat supporter, I admire his wisdom over the economy and would
trust him far more than David Cameron. 
It is amazing how many more aound bites are given to David Cameron than to
Gordon Brown on the short news announcements on Radio 2; I don’t see the BBC as
unbiased as together with the conservative newspapers it does everything to
promote David Cameron.  I do not agree
with everything Gordon Brown has done, such as the Iraq war but I do value his

However in Harrogate we have
been served excellently in the last 13 years by our Liberal Democrat MP Phil
Willis, who has retired from parliament this time; he will be followed by
an excellent candidate Claire Kelley, who has worked with Phil for those 13
years, in whom I have great faith.  The
previous conservative MP only ever appeared at election times with a cheesy
grin with his family and never seemed to do anything.  Phil with Claire’s support was always
available to help people; he spoke to the Home Secretary on behalf of my
daughter, he also helped my best friend and her family, Labour supporters who
supported Phil. 

Whatever the result I
just hope that it will not just be the most vulnerable and low paid, who are
most let down, whilst the wealthy increase in wealth at the expense of the poor
as usual.  I pray that it will not be as
bad as I fear.  I hope at least that some
justice prevails and that Claire does become our next MP for this area.

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