May Day Fun

Hello everyone!  I have enjoyed my day off, despite it being cold
and wet, as it gave me a chance to sort out things inside a bit.  In fact I enjoyed sorting things out, as now
the front room looks a bit tidier.  I
even began to tackle the loft a little, which means I can now walk in the loft
without having to clamber over everything. 
I felt shattered when I woke up, so I kept dozing on and off before
eventually making the effort to get up. 
I enjoyed spending longer cuddling with my beloved, which was a good
start to the day.  I made the effort to
do 10 minutes on the exercise bike before doing my 20 minute workout, which is
much less strenuous than the bike.  After
my shower I had a late breakfast at 11 o’clock!!  Then I began my sorting, which was so
absorbing that I nearly forgot that I had put the vegetables on for
lunch!!  Fortunately my beloved called me
and the casserole and vegetables were lovely; I had not realised I was so hungry! 


Later on we went to
Homebase as we had a 15% voucher courtesy of Saga magazine; we bought some
grass seed and a trailing ivy and enjoyed some browsing.  Then as the sun had come out I thought I
would wrap up warmly and tackle some more ground elder; it was chilly but I did
clear some, especially as it had rained. 
It has been lovely to have today off to share time with my beloved!  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice
and am glad in it.

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One Response to May Day Fun

  1. Malcolm says:

    the time spent together is always most precious!

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