Lovely visitors who brought cheer amid gloom

Hello everyone! We have
enjoyed having my beloved’s brother Dave and his wife Jan staying for a few
days.  They were very appreciative of my
beloved’s cooking and choice of wines and we were pleased that they slept well
in our new spare bed; in fact one day they did not wake up till after 9 o’clock,
much to their surprise!  On Monday they
treated us to lunch at Brios as a belated birthday celebration for me; the meal
was delicious and as it is only walking distance from home, I was able to have
some wine with the meal. I had delicious Sea Bass served with vegetables and chips;
the Sea Bass just melted in my mouth.  I
had chocolate fudge cake as a sweet, which was very good.  We all had something different, my beloved
had linguine marinara, Dave had rabbit and Jan had the steak.  My beloved had the panne cotta, Dave had an Italian
version of bread and butter pudding and Jan had a pancake; all the sweets were
very good. It is always a treat to eat there. 
As the weather was disappointing for their visit, I am glad that we were
able to have some special celebration meals at home and out.


Yesterday it seemed to
be a brighter start, and I was hopeful of better weather, which unfortunately
as the other days soon deteriorated, but not before we had made a short trip to
the Otley Garden Centre.   We enjoyed
browsing there and Dave and Jan found a plant they wanted for their revamped
garden and were pleasantly surprised to find it was not as expensive as they
had thought!  I had got a garden voucher
for my birthday from Kathleen, so I looked for something to spend it on; my
beloved spotted a wonderful selection of wildflower plants, so we bought quite
a number of them.  My beloved has planted
them in the garden today, whilst I have been tackling the rampant ground elder
again!!  It was good to get some tidying
up done in the garden this morning and this afternoon after Dave and Jan had
set off for home.  Yesterday Dave and Jan
treated us to lunch at our favourite restaurant, Café Culture, which helped
cheer another somewhat damp and gloomy day! 
It has been lovely to have them staying with us. 


I was glad to have such
good visitors this week after my feeling of disappointment last Friday, when
Claire did not retain the seat for the Liberal Democrats, but now it does not
matter any more.  What is the point of
voting for the Liberal Democrats now?  I
thought they stood for justice and fairness against the Tories, but now they
are in coalition with the Tories, they have dropped all their previous demands
in favour of power!  I am really
struggling with myself now as I have never and would never vote for Tories, so
why would I make the effort to support the Liberal Democrats if it is just
another way of voting Tory!  I feel
rather let down by Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats, but I have not yet made
a final decision.  This is the day that
the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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