An eventful week

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy week again at work, even
though I did not work on Thursday, as I was helping my elder daughter move
house.  It is a relief that she is now
out of the house where she was got at by an especially difficult resident living
a few doors down the street. She is not yet living in her new house, as some
work needs to be done first, such as changes to the kitchen and bathroom and
removing a wall to make a better sized room, as there was wasted space.  Whilst that is being done, she and her
partner will be renting a flat in Leeds for a month; when they do move in they
will have to redecorate, but can do that gradually.  As they have 2 cats they need to keep them out
of such mayhem, so they are staying with them in the garden flat, until the
worst of the work is done.  Cats as I
know hate the upheaval of any move; I just hope they settle in well, when they
eventually move in without trying to go back to their former home!  The garden is completely overgrown with some
dock plants towering above me, so I shall go over and chop some down and rescue
any wildflowers or nettles to transfer to our wild area.  We are trying to make our meadow area under
our apple trees more wildlife friendly, and trying to nurture a couple of
nettle plants, which seem to struggle in our garden, although others have
difficulty getting rid of them! 


My beloved has been
struggling this week with feeling very under the weather, since his visit to
hospital in the previous week.  On Friday
morning I took him to see the doctor, who examined him and discovered how
tender his stomach was.  She advised him
to double up his Lansoprazole for his excess acid, but he still felt unwell as
the day went on; most unusually he called me back from the Acorn Centre where I
volunteer on a Friday at lunchtime.  He
just felt so uncomfortable but knew it could not be his heart, after the many
tests the previous week.  As there seemed
to be no improvement I rang his doctor at just after 5pm to speak to a doctor.  When the duty doctor rang back he said that
if he came out to visit him, he would send him back to hospital, which he
suggested would be the best course of action if after he took his second
Lansoprazole early, and there had been 
no improvement an hour later! 
However he did begin to feel slightly better and has gradually improved
since; he has to be very careful with what he eats and drinks, not overloading
his system.  He is still very fragile and
easily exhausted.  One interesting thing
he found out was that he had been only given half his normal dose of
Lansoprazole in hospital!!  That, together
with the stress he felt with no information on his situation, nor messages that
I had been in touch, must have exacerbated his stomach problem, so I hope it
will now settle down.  The lovely young
lady doctor will see him in just over 2 weeks to review the situation.


Yesterday my beloved
had felt better enough for me to go to a course on worship with other local
preachers and worship leaders.  It was
very interesting as we explored different forms of church and in 3 groups
planned a service based on the feeding of the 5000.  One group planned an all age service down to
fine detail, even with the choice of an accompanying reading and a hymn to last
40 minutes!  Another group gave an
outline of a café style worship to attract all ages, so providing activities
for the children and studies for adults. Our group tackled planning a service
for those who had no church background, interest or experience.  We thought of an open air service, or in a
room at a café or restaurant, or a pub. 
We decided that it would be better not on church premises, as that could
put potential outsiders off.  An open air
service was the favoured option with free fish and chips, after all the 5000
did not pay for their food and we wanted it in a field or park near a fish and
chip shop, so people could drift past and join in and leave without
embarrassment.  We would offer activities
for children and have some people who could mingle ready to engage in
conversation with the visitors, passers by, and lead discussions if
necessary.  At some point a re enactment
of the story would be acted out by a prepared cast, but that would not be
announced, but just happen in the hope that it would start conversations.  Of course the event would have to be
publicised and church members encouraged to give formal invitations to friends
or relatives personally, so that we would have a core crowd to attract the
attention of those just passing by.  I
hope we can organise that as a joint effort of the local preachers and worship
leaders next year.  This is the day that
the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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