Jesus is with us at all times even if we do not feel he is.

Hello everyone!  This morning our service was led by a retired
minister from our chapel and it was excellent. 
His theme was persevering through the dark times even when God seemed
far away.  Rev. Ron Dale described one
prolonged experience of the ‘dark night of the soul’ which lasted for 3 years;
he well remembers the relief when light at last penetrated that darkness and
his faith was rekindled.  He reminded us
of St Paul, who did not give up his faith in Jesus and his longing that all
could accept him, despite his many trials and suffering.  He did not ask ‘why’ but just accepted that
such trials were to be expected if they followed in Jesus’ footsteps.  I had a chat after the service saying that it
was often the loveliest people who suffered most and I found myself asking why
and not getting a response.  My daughter’s
best friend since pre-school is battling with a growing brain tumour; she has a
lovely baby boy Joseph who is nearly 8 months old and an adoring husband Luke.  We keep praying for the family and I feel so lacking
in faith.  I also hate to see people
suffering with illnesses like Parkinson’s, especially when they are such giving
people.  Yet I do realise that none of us
are immune from problems but when life was harder for me, I did not find it
easy to thank God in all circumstances. 
Now I am with my beloved it is much easier to give thanks.  One thing I do know is that Jesus is there
with us when we are struggling and he carries us even if we do not feel he is


I was struck by the
simplicity of his children’s address; he reminded us that Jesus had a lot of
time for children and loved to bless them. 
He called the 4 children present down to the communion rail and asked
them their names.  He then blessed them by
name and there was a real sense of the Spirit there; I am sure that was a
special experience for the children. This is the day that the Lord has made and
I rejoice and am glad in it.

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