Life is good!

Hello everyone!  It has been another hot week, but at least
there has been a little rain overnight, but more is needed, as the garden is
rather dry.  There has also been a blessed
breeze which makes the heat much more pleasant. 
I was busy at work but I still have a backlog of coding to catch up, as
I have been doing more summarising and scanning.  I did not do extra work last week, as I was
meeting Cathy on Wednesday morning for a drink and cake at Café Culture, and it
was lovely to see her. She is home for just over 2 weeks. 

The house she and her
partner Ken was trying to buy has fallen through, as the garage attached to the
house belongs to the row of Terrace Houses, but not to the house!  This only came out a week or so before
completion, so Cathy and Ken are in a rented flat, with a mortgage offer ready,
but nowhere to buy!!  Their offer has
been extended another 3 months, so they are now looking for a property!  


In the meantime Ken is
working to build up his company with John and is at present working on Beth’s
house with other experts to replace the bathroom and kitchen and remove an
internal wall to increase the size of the dining area.  Beth and Mahmood are at present renting a flat
whilst the main part of the work is done, before they move in.  They will be doing the decorating gradually
once they are in.  The dust and upheaval
would have upset Beth’s asthma and her still delicate stomach and the cats
would have been traumatised.  They are
not very happy at present in the flat but they have begun to venture out from
under the bed a bit!  They are only
planning to rent for another 3 weeks, before moving in.  Beth is busy tackling the jungle of a garden,
so that she can make it a manageable eventually.  They want to make the front garden into paved
area, so that they can park both their cars off the road. Rather them than


Yesterday we had a
coffee morning at my former chapel and it was good to see my friends.  My beloved managed to come with me as well,
as he was a little more alert than usual in the morning.  We were enjoying some of the home baking
yesterday for tea.  It has been lovely to
relax with my beloved this weekend, pottering in the garden, cutting down some
of the rampant brambles which are not flowering, and as ever the persistent
ground elder!  I find it satisfying and
lovely to share the surprise and joy experienced by my beloved, if he discovers
a new plant that has emerged!  This year
we have been surprised by a beautiful deep purple flag Iris beside the pond, a
beautiful tiny purple flower with a yellow centre surrounded by white,
exquisite, but as yet unidentified, and another fuchsia, which we rescued from
the clutches of the prolific Yellow Loosestrife and is now gracing one of our
borders, together with 2 different varieties of Fuchsia.  We lost one Fuchsia last winter; my best
friend Hilary lost a Fuchsia they had had for years in their garden, because of
the severity of the winter.  Some plants
such as Thyme seem to be thriving since last winter, but a couple of plants
have died and one of our hydrangeas seems to be failing with no sign of
flowering.  We are nurturing our nettle
patch, which seems to be struggling to get established; that seems funny to us,
as most people try to eradicate it and we are trying our best to get some to
thrive!  I love our garden.  I am going out now to do some more tidying up
before I fall asleep, as I am feeling relaxed and satisfied after the delicious
chicken curry and apple sponge with ice cream; not even the proper coffee we
enjoyed has kept me awake!!  This is the
day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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