Life is good with my beloved and at work

Hello everyone!  I had a busy week at work as usual, but I
still have a backlog of coding to do, but I began to do some summarising of new
notes too. I had a meeting at church on Tuesday evening which went on longer
than usual as it was our minister’s last executive meeting; our senior steward
provided some coffee, tea and biscuits. 
It is strange to think his last Sunday with us will be August 1st
and that will soon be here.


I had a lazy day on
Friday as the Acorn Centre is not open for computer until September, so I did
not get up as early.  It was lovely to
have a leisurely shop with my beloved. 
The traffic had been very busy last week because of the annual Yorkshire
Show.  Fortunately I was heading to work
in the opposite direction from the Show, but I still had to navigate across the
traffic on the first day to get  to work,
but otherwise the main problem was coming home, as so many cars were leaving when
I returned.  At least it will be back to
normal this week.


It was good to see
Cathy when she popped in for a chat on Friday, as she is returning to
Switzerland earlier than expected to begin her new job on Tuesday.  At least she will be able to return home each
month with this job, so she will see Ken more and her best friend Kate, who is
still battling with a brain tumour.  Kate’s
little boy Joseph is rolling around now and getting stronger now he is 8 months
old. Cathy told me he is very happy and laughs a lot.


This morning I led
worship at Killinghall Chapel and was privileged to have my sister Janet’s new
husband, Graham join me for the service as a support.  Today I was focussing on our need to find
time to be quiet and set time aside to listen to God, resting in His presence
just as Mary did, when Jesus visited for the last time on the way to
Jerusalem.  I admitted that I find it
much easier to be active and busy and would have been rather like Martha, but I
value times to be quiet with our Lord to listen to him and talk to him.  I played a piece from my talented niece
Nicola’s CD of her flute accompanied by a piano to give them a ‘listening test’
by G. Faure; the congregation listened attentively and everyone concentrated on
the beautiful peaceful music.  I then
read the poem by W H Davies, ‘Leisure’, which includes the words:

‘What is this life if,
full of care,

We have no time to
stand and stare.’

I then asked to raise
their hands if they were able to concentrate on the music, then on the poem and
then on both and most of the congregation raised their hands.  I asked what instruments were in the CD
played and one member answered straight away that it was flute and piano and
Graham, Janet’s husband knew the poem was by Davies.  It was a time of peace and quiet and I told
them how important it was to set time aside to listen to God, so that we can be
aware of those who need us for comfort, friendship or to be a listening
ear.  Afterwards one member of the
congregation thought that talk for the children, who were not present, was the
most meaningful part of the service for her! 
I always pray that something may speak to them even if it is just
singing the hymns; the choice of hymns was also commented on and my sincerity;
I hope they saw something of our Lord and his love.


I have enjoyed relaxing
with my beloved this afternoon and look forward to some good TV tonight made
more interesting as I share it with my beloved. 
This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Life is good with my beloved and at work

  1. Malcolm says:

    all our shared time is special & precious!

  2. sulayman says:

    hello Malcolm how are you doing thanks a lots for the wonderful role that you are really playing for the kids and the friends at large am still here waiting for assistance as u know am sulayman you can extended my wormiest greeting to your good wife Helen wishing you all long life and sprosperity

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