What an example!

Hello everyone!  This morning our service was led by Ken
Dransfield one of our local preachers.  He
is still on the ball, albeit frailer now he is 90+.  A delightful young man Andrew Sudron took
part in the service as his support.  He
led the opening part of the service, the prayers, and readings and introduced
the hymns.  Ken did the children’s
address inviting the one child, Thomas, present to the pulpit.  As Thomas knows Ken quite well he was not
phased by that invitation and he listened with avid attention to Ken’s chat
about the children he heard read in a country primary school and how he made up
a story for them; the story imagined that the boys had been playing for
Manchester United, apparently that was most of the boys’ dream!!  He told a story about three girls he had
taught in the past; one had great promise and ability to go far, but she did
not push herself to her potential, although she did have a job.  The second girl was beautiful but when she
went to another school later on she got involved in drink and drugs and is now
homeless!  The third girl was not as
bright but she was determined and she is now working as a midwife in London;
she has fulfilled her potential.  He
encouraged Thomas to work to fulfil his potential.


Ken went on to
encourage us all to follow the lead of Jesus in caring for others, working alongside
people, as he has no hands or feet but ours to share his love and acceptance
with a needy world.  While he preached he
kept addressing individuals in the congregation, so no one dared to doze
off!  A visitor commented that he was
obviously a teacher!  Yes he is a retired
headmaster.  I hope I will be as alert as
he is, when or if I reach such an age; I hope I will be as fired up for our
Lord as he is!!

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