A Farewell

Hello everyone!  What a week! 
I have been busy again at work, but my beloved has been struggling more
with his health, as he has been worrying about the gastroscopy he will have in
3 weeks following which he will have to wait for the results!  His rodent ulcer has been uncomfortable and
itchy, but he will have it excised on Wednesday; we are so fortunate with our
wonderful NHS, within 4 weeks of diagnosis, in fact 3 weeks after the
diagnosis; let’s hope we don’t lose this wonderful facility there for all, no
matter how little they have.  I did a few
hours extra last Wednesday, but returned earlier than I had planned, as my
beloved suddenly felt low.  We were able
to get an appointment with the doctor that afternoon and he was a good
listener, and so my beloved has been given some sleeping tablets, which only
come into effect from 2am till 10.30am!  I
am lucky as I fall asleep usually as soon as my head touches my pillow, which
is rather frustrating for my beloved!!  I
was glad to be able to relax at home on Friday with my beloved and yesterday as
well; time passes so pleasantly with my beloved, as he is my best companion,
lover and friend.  I was able to lie in
longer too.  My beloved began to feel a
little brighter after having a weep, initially at home, then when a dear friend
John asked him how he was.  Having rung
me and begun to write down his feelings in a blog, he was already beginning to
calm down when I arrived home, which made me feel a little better! 


Today was a poignant
service, as it was our minister’s last service before he moves up to become
superintendant minister in Durham.  They
have been here for 11 years, so their two children grew up in our chapel.  Their son graduated this year and their daughter
has a place at Manchester to study languages this year, having had a gap
year.  Even though I have only been part
of the chapel for 4 years, I will miss Shaun, Jane, Sam and Sarah, when they
go.  Shaun took communion and Jenny with
two of her daughters, Anna and Rachel sang a trio based on Psalm 121, which was
beautiful, as the choir anthem, well illustrated by the circuit dance group.  Jenny later spoke the tribute for Shaun and
Jane, admitting that she was now the person who had been a member of that
church longer than anyone else.  As Jane
had been Sunday School Superintendent, the children, (mostly Jenny’s
grandchildren) presented her with a picture framing self portraits of the children
with a few words from some of them, ranging from 6 to 10 year olds; a wonderful
memory for Jane.  A member of our
congregation made and decorated a delicious cake for them, aptly illustrated
with a computer, a hiking pair of people (they always camp!) and a showing a
milepost saying 60 miles to Durham!  That
was cut and shared with a cup of coffee or tea after church in the
vestibule.  I drove to collect my beloved
to join us for the meal, which was being provided by external caterers, so all
of us could relax and enjoy the meal and saying goodbye to Shaun and his
family.  The meal was lovely with smoked
and poached salmon, Cajun chicken, roast beef, ham, chicken  gougons with lovely salads, coleslaw and
different sauces; a wonderful selection. 
There were a great variety of desserts too, fruit salad, lemon
cheesecake,  lemon meringue,
raspberry  tart, chocolate mousse,
trifle, etc. etc!!  I enjoyed some
delicious cheesecake, whilst my beloved had raspberry tart. Shaun was presented
with a picture of a Yorkshire scene complete with sheep and a picture of course
of Wesley Chapel with an accompanying cheque. 
They will be missed. 



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  1. Unknown says:

    Praise the Lord, it seems to be taking comments again. Glad to hear (see my email) that there is some reason for nurturing nettles!Selwyn42

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