My beloved’s time of trial

Hello everyone!  Life has been very full this week.  My beloved has been struggling with health
issues.  He has still not been sleeping
well even since taking a tablet, which is supposed to help him sleep.  He often goes hot or cold, and nauseous, but
such feelings seem to come suddenly and in waves, not even wanting to be
touched and I feel helpless to help and support him.  On Wednesday I took my beloved to the
hospital to have a rodent ulcer (basal cell carcinoma) excised from his
back.  It was a more complicated
procedure than usual, as he had an arterial bleed, which was staunched by cautery,
the hole was the size of a 50p piece and he has an 8cm scar in the centre of his
upper back. The suture will be removed by his practice nurse on Wednesday 18th
2010.  I have to treat it twice daily
with a layer of Vaseline and I need to help him through a shower to target the
water away from the stitches; we are still learning the best way to do
that!  I have to apply an extra layer of
Vaseline before and after a shower.  My
beloved cannot see the wound, so I photographed it for him, so he could see
it.  He has posted the picture on his
blog, as a warning to others of the danger of the sun; he did a gardening job
during his holidays at university, taking his shirt off and he is fair skinned;
his back has various solar keratoses on it, any of which the consultant warned
him could mutate into a basal cell carcinoma, so I shall have to keep an eye on


Yesterday my beloved
did not seem to have much appetite but he was coping fairly well until I went
out for a massage,  a treat I had had to
postpone a couple of weeks earlier, as my beloved had been taken ill.  I could hardly keep awake as I had the massage,
as it gave me an opportunity to relax for the first time recently.  I could have happily slept peacefully
there!  On my return home my beloved
seemed alright until we went out to get a take away, and he suddenly felt
faint, hot and cold and needed to return home. 
After I had taken him home, I returned to collect the Chinese takeaway,
but having served it out my beloved felt nauseous and could not eat, so I put
it on one side.  Later he managed a tiny
bit, but did not really eat much yesterday at all.  We rang OOH doctor, who wondered if there
might may a clash of his newer prescribed medications, ranitidine instead of
his usual lanzoprazole, as recommended by his GP for the two weeks preceding
his gastroscopy on August 20th. 
I hope he is soon feeling more himself.


Today my beloved’s
appetite is reduced again today; he keeps finding it difficult to eat, feels
light headed and exhausted.  I am sure
lack of sleep does not help how he feels, as he seems unable to sleep much at
the moment.  He has just gone to lie down
and rest for an hour or so to see if he soon feels better.  I hope it helps.

This morning I led
worship at Hampsthwaite Chapel, where I emphasised the importance of living in
the now, caring for others as Jesus did and not accumulating wealth on earth
but using our resources for those in need around us, so that we are ready to
meet Jesus, when our life draws to an end. 
We need to remember that Jesus is with us as we progress through life
and he is there to take our burdens and lift them as we focus our attention on
him.  Although I feel drained today I
know Jesus is with me and is showing me how I need to rest and recuperate
today; this is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.



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