Jesus shares our struggles and will not let us down

Hello everyone!  I have been busy all week at work and at
home, as I am having to take a more active part in cooking, although my beloved
is the better cook, as he has lost his appetite and has felt nauseous when trying
to cook or eat.  Today he managed to
griddle a couple of chicken breasts, onion, mushroom, and cherry tomatoes and
we had that with oven chips, very tasty and my beloved could manage it.  I had a small blackberry and apple crumble
from the freezer with custard and I enjoyed my mini treat.  I am enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon with
my beloved.


My beloved is still
struggling to keep on an even keel although yesterday he did manage a little
better.  His wound is healing well and he
will have his stitches out on Wednesday, when I hope he will be more
comfortable.  Maybe after the gastroscopy
is over on Friday he will begin to feel more himself, although he will not
relax until he gets the results of it.  It
is good that I am not at the Acorn Centre on Fridays at the moment so I can
spend more time with my beloved.   I have
caught up with the back log of coding, so I can start to summarise again, which
is good, although I will be doing referral letters tomorrow as the secretary
had Friday off and will not be back till Tuesday; it was her elder son’s 18th
birthday on Friday.  How time passes now
my younger daughter is 30 and my elder daughter will be 32 next month, I can’t
believe it. 


I led a service this
morning and had a lovely walk down to the chapel and back.  I love to share how important it is to focus
on Jesus as our friend, companion and our goal in life.  With him we can hang on sometimes by the tips
of our fingers to Jesus and he will never let us go.  In the same way we can pray for those we know
in need, those struggling with illness physical or mental and be alongside those
people supporting the vulnerable as Jesus did when on earth.  We do struggle often in our faith journey but
Jesus never promised us life would be easy, although he did say that he would
never leave us.  I love the words of this
Song of Fellowship written by Jenny Hewer:


Father I place into
your hands

The things I cannot do.

Father, I place into
Your hands

The things that I’ve
been through.

Father I place into
your hands

The way that I should

For I know I always can
trust you.


Father, I place into
Your hands

My friends and family.

Father, I place into
Your hands

The things that trouble

Father I place into
Your hands

The person I would be,

For I know I always can
trust You.


Father, we love to see
your face,

We love to hear Your

Father, we love to sing
Your praise

And in Your name

Father, we love to walk
with You

And in Your presence

For we know we always
can trust You.


Father, I want to be
with You

And do the things You

Father, I want to speak
the words

That  You are speaking too.

Father I want to love
the ones

That  You will draw to You,

For I know that I am
one with You.


This is the day that the
Lord has made and I rejoice in it.



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