What a relief!

Hello everyone!  What a relief that my beloved’s gastroscopy
is over!  He was awake bright and early
to have a drink of coffee, a boiled egg and toast, and a cup of Rooribush tea,
all before 8am!!  Unusual to say the
least but he was not allowed to eat anything after 8am in preparation for his
gastroscopy at 2.45pm.  I had a
problematic start to the day when the pilot light went out on the water heater
in the middle of my wash and before I had even done my exercises.  I then started to switch it on and off in the
hope of relighting the pilot light to no avail. My beloved came to my aid but
could cope with standing on the stool too long, so I followed the directions
which my beloved had been perusing.  I
had to attempt to light the spark but half an hour of repeated attempts,
interspersed by my prayers, singing hymns, resting in the Lord to calm myself
were all fruitless.  As I was expecting
my friend Phyllis to pop in with her son Sherif later that morning, so I
decided to take a break from trying to relight the pilot and do my
exercises.  Those completed I had another
go at lighting the pilot only to have no success, so I had a refreshing cold
wash!  Once downstairs I prepared my
porridge for breakfast and had the juice and tried again.  There seemed to be a flash of the ignition
but not for long but I moved it into position and carried on with my
breakfast.  I had another look at the
pilot and joy of joys it had lit itself!! All have left to remind me of my
endeavours is a blister on my finger, where I had to apply pressure to turn the


I could then carry on
with putting on the next wash and wash up. 
I then rushed round the house clearing piles off the couch so Phyllis
and her son would be able sit down and gave a quick flick of the duster and
vacuumed the downstairs and the stairs.  I had just about finished except for a once
over of the bathroom and downstairs toilet, when Phyllis rang to say she would
not be arriving for another hour, so I had time to go to the local shops.  I gave the bathroom and toilet a quick clean
and just took the opportunity for a sit down and read, until they arrived.


It was lovely to see
them both; Sherif has grown into a relaxed handsome young man with long wavy
dark hair and is 19.  He has just
completed his art foundation year at university and is beginning a degree in
graphic design at Brighton.  He and
Phyllis were kept highly amused by my beloved’s description of his eventful
life in the last few weeks.  Phyllis
looked relaxed although she had been looking forward to a few days on her
own!  Her son wanted to come too and on Saturday
his girlfriend and his sister Hannah will be joining them!  What it is to be popular with your
family!  As the time approached for us to
go to the hospital, Phyllis and Sherif got ready to travel on to her sister’s
at Selby.


I had prepared some
salad and a couple of sandwiches for my lunch to take with me as I waited for
my beloved; it could be anything up to more than an hour for him to recover
from the procedure we believed. I could not eat or drink in the waiting room as
the participants had been starved in preparation; I had to pop out for some
water as it was so hot there.  Soon my
beloved went off for the procedure, so I went and ate my lunch in the hospital
friend’s garden, relieved to be in the fresh air. I had been told to return to
the waiting room in 20 minutes at the earliest, so I was pleasantly surprised
to see my beloved join me in the garden. 
I had not even had time to eat my lunch!!  The whole experience had lasted just over an
hour; he had managed with an anaesthetic spray on his throat and no sedation,
so he has recovered more quickly.  After
an hour’s break he began to sip some water and soon managed a coffee.  He was also able to eat and enjoy the smoked
haddock and vegetables, some raspberries and cherry chocolate for his
meal!  It was lovely to see him enjoying
his food.  All looked fine but they took
a biopsy to see why my beloved is producing so much acid and we await the


I hung the washing out
for just over an hour in breezy fairly fine looking weather, although there
were some threatening clouds overhead and a hint of dampness in the
breeze.  My beloved and I sat enjoying
the respite of a warm albeit muggy afternoon breeze.  We came inside again, but I decided that the
washing would have benefited enough to dry better inside (the dryer component
of our washing machine having failed).  No
sooner had I brought the washing in and put the cover on the rotating clothes line
than the heavens opened and the rain came down in full force!  My beloved was impressed by my timing, so was
I!  The washing had that lovely fresh air
smell and was well on the way to being dry!


Now I am relaxing with
my beloved enjoying Friday Night is Music Night on Radio 2.  Life is good after a somewhat frustrating
start to the day.


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