My time off at home has begun!

Hello everyone!  It is lovely to be on holiday at home with my
beloved.  Yesterday I went in for 4 hours
to work to try and catch up with my coding, but instead I did 6 letters waiting
on the Dictaphone, so that our secretary, returning from holiday would not have
a huge backlog to catch up with on her return. 
I must admit it is lovely to have time off, especially as I have a few
weeks free from preaching, after preaching 4 Sundays in a row and leading a
service at Berwick Grange. 


Yesterday afternoon my
friend Pamela came round to see us.  It
was lovely to see her and hear about her family; her eldest daughter is
expecting in a couple of weeks.  She will
be a granny before me, even though she married a week after I did.  One of her daughters is married too.  It is funny that the partners of her three
daughters are all called Paul!!  At least
she will not forget their name!  She
loved our garden and brought us some home grown vegetables and we gave her some
of our ripe home grown tomatoes; she was amazed that ours were almost finished,
whereas hers are just growing ripe.


I enjoyed a relaxing
evening with my beloved last night and a lie in later than usual until after
8am!  I did a wash and hung out the first
load, before I did my morning exercise; a second load was ready to hang out
before I went for my shower.  After my
shower I got my breakfast and brought my beloved a bacon butty; I had my usual
weekend treat of fruit porridge, a boiled egg and toast and marmalade.  I then set off to walk to the Post Office at
Pannal to get my road tax; it took me 20 minutes to get there and 25 minutes
uphill back.  I felt virtuous. I then
hung out the third load of washing and took in the dryer items; after an hour I
cleared the washing and brought it in, as the weather looked more
threatening!  The towels especially smelt
beautifully of the fresh air and had dried a lot.  We treated ourselves to lunch at the Café Culture,
which was lovely. I love holidays so I can enjoy time with my beloved.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I
rejoice and am glad in it.

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1 Response to My time off at home has begun!

  1. Unknown says:

    I always get the first ripe tomato in the first 8 days of August – they then keep us going right up to November. so I am surprised thatthat yours are nearly finished?Selwyn42

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