A lovely holiday week

Hello everybody!  I have been enjoying my week off with my
beloved.  The week has passed quickly but
I am not back at work till next Thursday, which is great!  I have been doing 10 minutes on my exercise
bike every morning except my day off Sunday followed by my 20 minute Rosemary
Conley workout, which does not make my heart rate go up as the bike does but
helps me with being mobile.  Though I eat
a healthy diet with only a few treats (more this week as I am on holiday) and
do my bit of exercise, walk when I can I still tend to put weight on rather and
am still above my correct BMI!!  I maybe
need to walk every day too for at least 20 minutes, I don’t know or just accept
that I am this shape, as long as my blood pressure remains good and my
cholesterol is normal with a good HDL element. 
My beloved loves me as I am although I would like to be a correct BMI


I have enjoyed starting
the day at a more leisurely pace than usual, so it was rather a rush this
morning to get to an appointment at 9.30am, but I made it and was back in time
to take my beloved to a review appointment at the doctor’s.  We were relieved to have it confirmed that
all the rodent ulcer had been successfully removed.  The doctor was pleased with the way the wound
had healed and now we no longer need to apply Vaseline before a shower, as it
would not matter if it got wet.  Maybe
now my beloved will be able to have a shower on his own now, because with the
best will in the world he could not see where to apply the Vaseline, as the
wound was in the centre of his back between the shoulder blades!  We still await the biopsy result from the
normal gastroscopy.  It is good to see my
beloved feeling better in himself now, although he still has to be careful to
pace himself.


We had a treat on Wednesday
afternoon, when Cathy came round with her little godson Joseph, Kate’s 9 month
old bundle of activity, so the family could have a break.  He is absolutely gorgeous and so alert to
every sound or sudden movement even a reflection of light on the ceiling from a
book, which Cathy was about to read to him! 
He loves to feel his feet and is happy pulling himself up on any
suitable furniture; apparently he is a competent crawler but preferred to be on
his feet. He could spot the tiniest scrap of paper on the floor and was ready
to put everything in his mouth! 
Apparently walking through the Valley Gardens Luke thought he was just
observing all he was pushed past, but when he started to choke he was being a
little sick from a flower head he had grabbed and tried to eat.  He was not keen on keeping a sunhat on, so he
did his best to take it off as soon and as often as he could!  On our way to introduce Joseph to a friend at
Café Culture we had to keep retrieving the aforesaid sunhat!  My beloved and I went to get some fish and
chips for us all, and Cathy went into the chemist planning to follow us;
however the fish and chips were almost ready when she caught up with us!  She had had a somewhat eventful time with
Joseph, who removed his hat in the chemists, when Cathy was not looking, so she
had to return there for it.  Then
crossing the road Cathy noticed the hat missing once more and there it was in
the centre of the road, so she had to cross the road again to collect it!  She finally arrived then we were all watching
to notice whether the hat was dropped again. 


Joseph loved our
garden, especially when he tried to take big steps on the grass or decided to
try and eat it or a leaf.  He found it
too hot in the centre of the garden, especially as he would not keep his hat
on, so we moved to our arbour seat, which he loved, especially holding the
diamond trellis side of the arbour. He was full of smiles, chuckles and lovely
baby language; a treasure, but you have to give him full attention as he just
loves to experiment with things and nothing seems to faze him.  We then came back inside where he loved our
teddies which sang or spoke and a glove puppet doing things.  After a little over 2 hours he returned to
his grandparents and parents.  My beloved
took some lovely photos of him with us all; Joseph was unsure of my beloved’s
beard but soon responded to him as all children do.


I have begun to tidy up
in the kitchen and do bursts of tidying in the garden when it is not too
hot.  I also did some baking and will
make some apple and blackberry crumbles tomorrow, as our blackberries are
ripening and some apples are falling; today as small branch broke off one apple
tree probably because it was so laden with apples!  Mostly I am glad to be spending more time
enjoying being with my beloved!  This is
the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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