A busy but enjoyable day!

Hello everyone!  Today I have been baking small blackberry and
apple crumbles from our abundant blackberries and the fallen apples.  I am taking them to church tomorrow morning
as I can sell them for donations to the church development fund;  the 4 I took last week were soon sold and two
extra ordered for tomorrow!!  It is great
to sell them at church, as otherwise our freezer fills up with them and we are
still eating last year’s blackberry and apple crumbles and sponges!!   My beloved does not always feel like a sweet
on a Sunday, when I like to treat myself, so it is usually me who eats the
puddings and that is why they last so long. 
Beth now as a coeliac cannot eat my puddings anymore either and it is a
while since we had any guests for whom I would bake a pudding.  I will probably bake an apple cake or two as
they are popular with people at work and at church; our trees are still well
laden with apples and there are quite a number of blackberries still to ripen
in our garden.  I enjoy baking.


This morning I went into
town for the coffee morning for the Red Cross at our church with some of the
Aloe Vera plants my beloved had propagated from our initial plant.  Our house is full of the plants of varying
sizes and some larger plants with smaller plants emerging in the pots; I am
amazed by how much they love to grow and propagate themselves.  I had a coffee and a cake to support the
cause and did some shopping before returning to my beloved with a few


We listened to the
afternoon play which gave an important insight into early British occupation of
Ireland and helped me understand more of the problems which still exist there
with a few who do not want peace at any price. 
I felt ashamed to be British apart from the young lieutenant who wanted
to settle in Ireland, even though he realised he would find it difficult to be
accepted by them, always being seen as an outsider.


I did a little more
sorting in the kitchen and we also tackled some more of the tidying up needed
in our garden.  Yesterday we had cut down
some of the rampant grass round our mini pond to reveal it to us again!  I am now relaxing and enjoying the Proms with
my beloved, having just finished a lovely glass of dry white wine from Romania,
a sample bottle which Octavian gave us; we shall look forward to sampling more
Rumanian wines and buying some.  This is the
day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.



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