Holiday, a time to enjoy being with family and friends

Hello everyone!  I have just come to the end of my holiday
only working one day last week, Thursday and I have enjoyed spending time with
my beloved and my younger daughter Cathy. 
She had a couple of weeks off and came to see us most days last week,
when she brought her best friend’s baby Joseph to see us; that gave Luke a
break to spend time with his beloved wife Kate, who is losing her battle with
cancer.  Cathy is Joseph’s godmother and
he already adores her, happy to be with her and needing to see her in the
room.  By the final visit yesterday he
was getting much more confident of his surroundings in our home, so he needed more
watching, as he does not miss a thing! 
Cathy succeeded in wearing him out most days, so he was easier to settle
to sleep at night, at Kate’s parents’ home. 
Luke was very grateful to Cathy, who was only too happy to help, by
looking after Joseph for him.  Yesterday
she was quite upset, as she had to say goodbye to her best friend since
pre-school and she is not sure whether she will see her again; as she is going
back to work today and will not be back again before the 23rd September.  Ken drove her to catch the plane this


Beth is still sorting
out her home having just moved in properly; the cats have settled better as the
furniture smelt familiar and they were soon exploring their new
neighbourhood.  She came over to play
with Joseph one day whilst he was with Cathy, which she enjoyed, as Joseph is a
lovely lively and responsive baby.


On Wednesday afternoon
Cathy, Joseph, my beloved went over to Café Culture and hoped Cathy would have
a chance to have something to eat and drink, as Joseph needed a lot of
attention.  Once in the Café Joseph found
a toy to play with that he could stand up to play with.  He was rather tired, and chose to sit with
Cathy, as he needed the reassurance of Cathy’ closeness to remain playing
there.  Then he suddenly spotted another
baby of a similar age and made a beeline crawling to meet him and his Dad!  Soon there were numerous shrieks of delight
uttered and many chuckles and attempts to communicate with Ben and his Dad,
Luke; Cathy was able to enjoy her drink and scone with little
interruption.  The two babies were happily
occupied for a long time; Joseph enjoyed playing with Ben’s rattles and nearly
choked on a small biscuit, as he stuffed it all in his mouth!!  The whole café was entertained including the


As I am not back at the
Acorn Centre until next Friday we had lunch at Café Culture; we had our
favourite lunch of spicy griddled chicken breasts served with mango chutney,
yoghurt and crunchy vegetables.


Today I met up with
friends from my former chapel for a coffee morning and it was good to see them
all.  It is good to be with my beloved
now enjoying Jazz Record Requests.  This
is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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