God’s unconditional love is for all to receive

Hello everyone!  I was later leaving for church than I
intended this morning as I was dropping some portions of blackberry and apple
puree with the lady I often take to worship, because I had picked so many
blackberries yesterday I needed to use them so I took the car part way to
church; I had wanted to have some exercise. 


Our preacher was the
Deputy Head from Ashville College and is a very good preacher.  His children’s talk was memorable and on the
right level for them to understand.  He
came down to talk to the children and then started to turn to get his glasses
he had forgotten; the congregation almost chorused together, ‘They are on your
head’ and he had our total attention!  He
admitted to the fact that he had glasses in every room at home, as he was
always losing them!!  He then asked the
children if they had lost anything but none of them seemed to have done!  They are not like us at all as we are always
losing things!  He then asked if they had
ever got lost and once again they said they had not.  He explained how he got lost at the age of 8
in a department building and he could not say a word of French; however he was
soon found.  The gospel reading was about
the lost sheep; and how the shepherd had not rested until he had found it and
brought back it back to safety.  He
reminded us that nowadays we have mobile phones to ring someone if we get
lost.  He described how his daughter rang
him to tell him her electricity had fused; he wondered how he could help her as
he was in London and she in Chester!  All
she had wanted was to hear his voice talking to her as she went down to the
cellar in the dark to deal with the fuse! 
Obediently he chatted away to her as she went down until she suddenly
said that she was now fine as the lights had come on and she put her phone
off!!  Andrew Johnson reminded them that
they never need feel alone as his daughter had, as they always had Jesus close
by and they would not have to communicate with a mobile phone but could just
speak to him, as he would never leave them. 
In fact his whole message was that we are called to share God’s
unconditional love with all those who do not yet know him and realise that He
loves them as they are!


I loved two of the
worship songs which he chose; ‘Father God, I wonder’ and ‘Father, I place into
your hands’.  Both are great songs which
emphasise that love which we receive from our Father.  As the first few lines of the former song
say, ‘Father God, I wonder how I managed to exist

Without the knowledge
of Your parenthood

And Your loving care.’ 


I know that as I look
back I wish I had known that God loved me unconditionally as I was, as I was
always aware of my failings; I was the sort of child and person who did not
look before she leapt and more often than not straight into trouble!  God always seemed like a strict judge who was
ready to punish me but since I have been married to my beloved I have realised
that as he loves me as I am then how much more does God love and not feel
disappointed in me; he is not as disappointed in me as I am in myself
often!!  The second song of worship was
extra helpful to me today, as I have been feeling helpless and upset about my
daughter Cathy’s best friend Kate’s deterioration as the cancer takes
over.  The words which spoke to me
especially were;

 ‘Father, I place into Your hands

The things that trouble

Father, I place into
your hands

The person I would be,

For I know I always can
trust you.’


‘Father, we love to
walk with you

And in your presence

For we know we always
can trust you.’


I then offered Kate,
Luke and Joseph and their parents to our Lord who will take care of them; I
still find it hard to contemplate the fact that the brain tumour will be
terminating a lovely young life, when she has everything to live for.  That is all I can do and God has wonderful
large arms to take them to his heart.  I
do want everyone to know that God loves them as they are unconditionally so
they too and run into his loving arms. 
This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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