Let us serve and love others as Jesus did

Hello everyone!  The holiday seems a distant memory now as I
have got back into the full swing of work. 
I have not made many inroads in the pile of coding but I have caught up
with scanning and done some new patient summaries.  I love my work and look forward to being
caught up.  We had the first meeting of
the Acorn Centre computer course on Friday, so I am back to a full week


I treated myself to a
massage yesterday and to my surprise it was on promotion at half price, which
made it even better!!  I picked more
blackberries ripened since last week and made three different sized blackberry
and apple crumbles for Kate’s husband Luke, as I met him with baby Joseph in
town and he said he loved that.  It may
be a help to the family as they all care for Kate in her terminal illness.  I hope so.


Yesterday it was fine
so I tidied up some things in the garden and filled up the garden bin, which
was a good job as it is pouring with rain today!


This morning’s service
was led by Rev. Ron Dale and he reminded us of how faith in Jesus is the core
of our faith, but that should not blind us to the needs of those around
us.  He was a prison chaplain and an
industrial chaplain and found that was his special calling to be alongside them
and to listen and introduce them to Jesus. 
This Song from our ‘Songs for Worship’ at our chapel sums up what our
faith is, I feel, living as Jesus lived for others.


When the Church of

Shuts its outer door,

Lest the roar of

Drown the voice of

May our prayers, Lord,
make us

Ten times more aware

That the world we

Is our Christian care.


If our hearts are

Where devotion soars

High above this hungry

Suffering world of

Lest our hymns should
drug us

To forget its needs,

Forge our Christian

Into Christian deeds.


Lest the gifts we

Money, talents, time,

Serve to salve our

To our secret shame:

Lord, reprove, inspire

By the way you give;

Teach us, dying

How true Christians


We must not just sing
fine words but we must live our lives showing God’s accepting love to everyone
and lead them to know Jesus.  We are here
to care and help those who are less fortunate than we are.  Let us shine as lights for Jesus to draw
others to him.  This is the day that the
Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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