The Ups and Downs of life

Hello everyone!  I have had a good week at work but
experienced the loss of my younger daughter’s best friend Kate, who lost her
battle with a brain tumour in the early hours of Friday morning.  Cathy had hoped to be able to say goodbye at
the last minute, although she had already said goodbye to her on her previous
visit, but Kate slipped away peacefully before she could arrive home.  She feels devastated as does Kate’s lovely
husband Luke, now having to be father and mother to little Joseph.  Cathy finds it hard to come to terms with her
loss; feeling that the pain will never end. 
She has been friends with Kate since pre-school and felt she was her
other half and the only person who really understood her; fortunately she has
had hugs from us both and is being cherished and supported by her lovely
partner Ken, who is there to hold her, calm her down and love her.  Yesterday Cathy and I went to say goodbye to
Kate at the chapel of rest, which helped us feel closure and we will say the
final farewell at her funeral next Friday. 


Today was our harvest
festival service, which was a family service on the theme of large things
coming from small beginnings.  The
children enjoyed doing an alphabet rhyme, God gave us the alphabet, bananas,
carrots, dragon fruit etc and each person had to remember the items in
order!  The children sang a harvest song
about different items of fruit and vegetables, holding up examples of the fruit
and vegetables mentioned.  Afterwards he
asked them where the fruit and vegetables had come from and shops were
mentioned, but some realised that most came from seeds.  He told the story of the mustard seed which
grew into a large tree from the smallest seed. The Kingdom of God starts from
such small seeds; we can spread it in a small way such as with a smile and or a
greeting.  We only have to do something
small to make a big difference.


This afternoon my
beloved and I went over for a meal with staff from my work at Nick’s house, one
of the doctors; we all contributed to it and shared the resulting feast, chilli
con carni mild and hot or vegetable lasagne with various salads and starters;
the sweets were delicious chocolate mousse, a cream sponge cake, a fruit tart
or a strawberry pavlova.  This evening we
are relaxing and enjoying some good television programmes.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I
rejoice and am glad in it.

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