Windy weather wreaks havoc!

Hello everyone! What a week we have had! The weather has been wet and windy or windy and fine. It certainly was a week of wild weather. I was also busy at work as usual. As I am preaching tomorrow evening I was preparing the service as well.
On Wednesday Ken and his working partner John made a concrete step ready for our porch when it is delivered any time in the next 2 weeks. It then poured with rain the next day, so the concrete took longer to dry and we wondered how we would get post delivered but our postman managed to reach the letter box without standing on the step! On Wednesday and Thursday we had to write notes to ourselves to remind ourselves not to try to go out through the front door! We were getting used to that but on the morning of Friday I noticed that the ivy seemed rather close to our kitchen window! On closer inspection in the still strong wind, I saw that it had parted company with the fence to which it had been attached for about 14 years and successfully blocked our access to the outside! I managed to crawl under the bush to do the local shopping. My beloved got up and we began to tackle the extremely heavy fallen ivy and prickly bush, which were really entangled together. It was difficult to make any progress, so I rang Cathy’s partner Ken, who bless him, came to our aid; he had a saw and soon he was chopping down the fallen ivy and then managed to secure the rest to the fence post. He helped us carry the largest bushes to our wild area at the end of our garden and we were able to walk easily through to the front of the house. Today, joy of joys we were able to go out through our front door as the concrete has dried at last! Life has returned to some semblance of order. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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