A good day to have off

Hello everyone! I am so glad that it is my day off today as I have not had to struggle to work or home from work as a lot more snow has fallen this morning. When I walked to the local shops I saw the gridlock of traffic on the Leeds road, and the adjoining roads and felt relieved that I had not been going to work or contemplating returning early! I hope it is better tomorrow when I go to work and there is extra work to do at the moment too. The secretary still finds it hard to type, and she did not come in on Monday because of the snow. I typed 14 letters but had no time to do my work. On Tuesday to my relief she made it in and was able to do choose and book, make phone calls and other things which did not require so much typing. I carried on typing and managed to do 22 referral letters, a large backlog, which meant that the letters were nearly up to date when I left yesterday to come home. I still have a large backlog of my work, scanning and coding, to do, but it is lovely just to have some time to relax with my beloved at home all warm and cosy.

Ken and John came to clear up a bit in the new porch, but cannot finish it off until the weather improves; cement would not set properly in this weather, so they will have to wait until the temperatures rise above freezing to seal the porch so that it is water tight. Fortunately they had made the concrete base before the weather changed or we could not have had the porch done yet at all! Unfortunately Ken had planned to fly over to Switzerland to spend a couple of days with Cathy but of course the flight was to be from Gatwick so it has been cancelled! Anyway the train to London may have been cancelled as well! It took them an hour to reach us from the other side of town! It does look lovely in our garden but difficult for our avian friends. We have been out clearing snow off the feeders and put out some water as the bird baths are frozen and a number of birds, starlings and a robin have already been for food, which is good. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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