The Elements

Hello everyone! It has been treacherous conditions this week but it has now at least stopped snowing! It was not too bad on Friday on the roads so I was able to do a big shop, fill up with petrol and check my tyres. I am ashamed to say that my rear tyres, to which my beloved had drawn my attention a few days earlier, were flat and in dire need of being filled with air. In fact the machine did not register the tyre pressure of the rear tyres at first, so I had to seek assistance. The gentleman was very helpful and explained that it was because they were flat and that I needed to press an extra knob to register the fact of its flatness to the machine and sure enough the machine began to function as normal. I must remember to check the tyres more frequently, so that they do not get as low again.

The Acorn Centre was closed on Friday, which gave me the time to stock up and do some jobs in town. As the going was harder it took me longer to get in and out of town and one job grew into another and then another and my beloved was anxious by the time I got home! I was pleased that I had managed to do a number of jobs I needed to get done in town, although I was held up by queues in each shop as people were so relieved to be able to get out to shop now there had been a respite in the snow!

When I set off to church this morning the paths were really icy so I had to go more slowly than usual and just made it! I then joined a young lady who was sitting on her own, as I was in my far away pew! She came down to chat after church and she confided that she felt more comfortable coming to our chapel than the one she had grown up in; I said that was often the case. It reminded me of growing up in St Wilfred’s Church, where my parents attended; whenever I saw any member of the congregation they asked after my parents but never spoke to me about how I was doing! It was particularly noticeable when I was back from university, when no one spoke to me at coffee. As I was attending different churches at university, I went to the local Methodist Church on my return to join with a young adults’ fellowship group. There I met my late first husband Stephen and decided to join that chapel after we were married; I felt it was better to worship together. I then joined membership classes to become a full member rather than just transfer my membership from the Anglican Church. After a few years away from the Methodist Church after Stephen’s death I returned to my spiritual ‘home’ in the Methodist Church. Beth, my elder daughter, worships in the Anglican Church under the splendid leadership of Nick Henshall, my niece Christine’s husband, at Christ Church. She obviously prefers to worship in a different church from me!

Today we celebrated Holy Communion under the leadership of our minister Trevor Dixon and it was a worshipful service. He and our Deacon David Hunt brought communion to us in our pews, and we all partook together after singing the verses of ‘Let us break bread together’; it was a moving uniting way of sharing in communion. The theme was the message of John the Baptist calling everyone to repent and turn from their sins and be baptised and not rely on their position as the chosen people. Trevor explained, that Baptism bore witness of the Grace of God in our lives. That struck me as so vital, as we cannot truly seek the best for others without God’s Grace in our lives. Jesus was there for the marginalised, the outcasts and the sinners and we are called to care in that way too. May we be so filled with God’s Holy Spirit and Grace that others may be drawn to His accepting love, through Jesus Christ our Lord shown in our lives. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to The Elements

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    I would have talked to you at coffee at St Wilfrid’s.

    • helenbeech says:

      I am sure you would have spoken to me, Selwyn and not just talked about Mum and Dad. Thanks for continuing to take an interest in my blog. I do appreciate that.


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