Our Children’s Nativity Service

Hello everyone!  I am back again with my blog as I wanted to share something about today’s Christmas nativity service at our chapel and I had got sidetracked in my last blog over my Christmas memories!  This morning the children in our chapel did a nativity play and it was lovely as usual.  Two 10 year old girls were the narrators, one also being an angel and the younger children took the usual roles of Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men, but there were some twists in the narrative.  The donkey was a large dog in a donkey costume, most amusing!  The visitors who came to Jesus also included the pied piper, who was in the wrong play!  The Wise Men brought gold, frankincense and socks!!  There were other modifications which were amusing too, but I cannot remember them.  The children sang a carol about the journey to Bethlehem, Silent Night and Away in a manger to accompany the nativity.  It was lovely!

Our deacon David reminded us that we have our own stable nearby in the drop in centre for the homeless next to our chapel; he thanked everyone for the overwhelming amount of sleeping bags, blankets and pillows people had provided; they now had more than enough!  This was to help those who sleep rough in Harrogate, especially as it has been especially cold recently.  Our Minister Trevor came and talked of the card we have telling people of our Christmas services, which this year has a picture of our chapel building.  He said that it would be better with some people in.  He asked for Mary and Joseph and then shepherds, recruiting extra shepherd volunteers to come to form a Nativity Scene.  Then he asked for the Wise Men but wanted more volunteer Wise Men too as there were not necessarily 3 Wise Men.  Then he wanted the innkeeper, an angel, and then thought we should have something to show what we do as a chapel now.  He wanted volunteers who would have cups to go in the display to represent those who have coffee or meals here, singers were also recruited to the Nativity Scene.  Who else were missing, he wondered?  Perhaps we needed revellers were needed; so I went out with a new member of the congregation as a reveller with a Santa hat and he felt the picture was complete.  Trevor then took the photo!  However the ones who were hidden by all the paraphernalia of Christmas and activities were Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus!   Trevor reminded us of how easy it is to lose the meaning of Christmas behind all its trappings, so let us remember the reason for the season is the birth of the baby Jesus and let us prepare to welcome him afresh in our hearts this Christmas.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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