In tune

Hello everyone! I am now going to bring you up to date with my Christmas break. It was lovely to have my younger daughter back from Switzerland for Christmas with her partner; even though her arrival was delayed for more than 3 hours because of the snow! We saw her briefly on her arrival but arranged for her to join us on 27th December for a Christmas lunch. She and Ken went to the Bradford Hilton from Christmas Eve till Boxing Day. They enjoyed a lovely break and rest together.

I had decided to text Cathy to see if she had arrived home safely, (it takes me ages to text, it’s much easier to type, I think) and the phone rang and it was Cathy. I said, that was quick, I have only just sent you a text, but I had not even sent it!! Obviously we are telepathic!! In November I was due a smear and Cathy remembered she needed to book a smear. Later at work, I had been coding and scanning smear results and thought of Cathy, who I texted to see if she had booked an appointment. She replied by saying thank you for the reminder and that she had booked her appointment. I thought no more about that, until the Wednesday after she had come back, when she said she would pop over for presents I had been wrapping for her stocking and bring presents too. Then she phoned to say that she had had an abnormal smear and had just been to the Women’s Unit for a colposcopy and felt too uncomfortable to come and see me. I was on the way for a hair appointment so I said I would bring the Christmas cake I had made for her and the presents and see her first. I knew the number of the road but did not know the location of the flat, which was to be their home for a month or until they could into the house they were buying. I drove up the road looking for a suitable parking place and parked briefly on the left but realised the limit on the left was 1 hour whereas bizarrely I could park for up to 3 hours on the right! I turned round and drove down the road and parked. When I got out of the car and looked up at the numbers of the houses, I realised that I had parked across the road from the flat; as I looked up I saw Cathy waving at me from the window!! I went upstairs to the flat and Cathy said she suddenly felt I was there and got up from the bed and there I was!! We are certainly tuned into each other or those just what I call God incidences!

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