Our Christmas Family Time

Hello everyone!  I was working up till Christmas Eve, so I was then busy getting ready for Christmas Day.  I was thrilled that Beth was coming over to stay with us from Christmas Eve to the day after Boxing Day, even though she was going out to sing in the choir at the Midnight Communion and then singing again on Christmas morning.  My beloved and I collapsed into bed on Christmas Eve and I felt exhausted on Christmas morning, after the final preparations; I am a Martha type person by nature and love to be on the go, although I do get more tired nowadays; my beloved does help me stop and relax more though.  He makes everything special, although what is most special is the way I am so completely loved and accepted as I am, so I just have to keep smiling; he loves my enthusiasm and often raucous laughter when I watch with him.  I still even after nearly 11 years feel a deep glow of contentment with my beloved.  I am so fortunate.  He has struggled with his health, especially since he has not smoked, but he only gets worried because he does not want to leave me.  I certainly don’t want to leave him. I thank God so much for the joy and contentment of our mutual love and respect.

Beth was really relaxed with us over Christmas and enthused about it all.  This year I made her a gluten free Christmas cake and Christmas puddings and she was really pleased.  I got extra gluten free bread in for her.  We spread out the opening of our presents so that we still had a few to open on Boxing Day, which was fun.  I had a number of presents from kind people at work to open as well.  It meant that it was less frantic and great fun.  Cathy loves to open her presents fast but Beth likes to savour  the experience as we do.  My beloved does not like to be overwhelmed by presents, but I keep finding things that I know he will enjoy and save them for Christmas or his birthday.  This year’s fun item is a laughing dog which rolls over as it chuckles in a very infectious way, so we are soon all laughing!!  My beloved loves to see me enjoying things, laughing and getting absorbed in programs.  Beth and my beloved both felt that the play, ‘Whisper and I’ll come to you’ became much more dramatic with my reactions!

Since Christmas I have been preparing for a service I am leading on Sunday, so I am only just getting up to date with my news.  One program which has had me in stitches this week has been ‘Just William’; he is priceless and yet so normal a boy; I shall miss the episodes now they are finished.  I was in work yesterday, but was able to catch up with the missed episode on line.  I had had no idea it was so funny!  Now I am relaxing with my beloved listening to the radio, which is perfect.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Our Christmas Family Time

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    How right you are about Just William. The boy is by far the best I have ever seen in the role. I had always thought he was impossible to portray, but that young actor has got it just right. And how brilliant to show all the adult characters as caricatures. Martin Jarvis is wonderful with the narration.

  2. Helen Evison says:

    I just could not stop laughing from beginning to the end of the series. I hope we have some more episodes or that they are repeated. I had no idea it was going to be so normal and so funny! The narration added to the humour of course.

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