Our wonderful NHS comes up trumps again!

Hello everyone! I am writing this in praise of our wonderful NHS! In the early hours of Monday morning I was woken up with toothache! Out of the blue you might wonder? Not really, as I had lost a large filling from one tooth more than a week before, but I had decided to wait till my check up in February, as I had no pain! I tell this tale so you do not follow my foolhardy example. My cheeks near that tooth, which incidentally had been trapping food in the intervening time, had swollen! Once awakened I was unable to go back to sleep, so I took some paracetamol, and began to read and drink cups of tea! Although I had not slept since 4 am, I got up as usual at 6 am, did my 5 minutes on my exercise bike and my 20 minute workout, relaxed for oldies like me with Rosemary Conley. I had my porridge and arrived at work at 8am. After 9am I rang the dentist to make an appointment and was able to get an appointment that morning at 11 am. I did some scanning and summarised a set of new patient notes, before I returned to Harrogate for my appointment at the dentist.

I arrived just after 11 and was not too late. I explained the situation to the dentist, who took an x ray but told me I would need antibiotics. I moved to sit on a chair and felt as though I would be sick, and then explained I felt nauseous and was soon back on the dentist’s chair with the care and attention of my poor dentist. I was flushed and felt wiped out. Soon an ambulance had been called and the paramedics took an ECG, which they seemed concerned about, I noted a borderline ECG on the paper, (I am used to coding letters at work for the computer!) They took me to the hospital, where I joined the queue for being seen; it was like Clapham junction there, after many casualties had arrived with injured limbs caused by falls on the ice! Soon I was able to be taken to a room, in Resuscitation, as that was available. I was soon being well cared for by the nurses, in particular Howard, and a student nurse and a lovely staff nurse. My blood pressure was raised and my cheeks were rosy red, as Beth, my daughter had arrived by then, pointed out they were not usually that rosy! ECGs were taken and blood pressures and blood tests which the doctor was happy about, once my blood pressure returned to a more normal level. I had been told that the tooth abscess was the real problem so I needed to be referred to the Maxillofacial Outpatient clinic at York Hospital, so they took me for an x ray. I was concerned about that as it would make it so difficult for Malcolm to visit and, although Beth was on holiday this week, I did not want her to be spending it ferrying us around. She and Ken organised collecting my car from the dentist and returning it home for me, before Beth returned to the hospital to wait with my beloved and me.

Then we had good news that there was a Maxillo-facial clinic at the hospital in Harrogate, so I did not need to go to York Hospital!! That made me immediately feel better, in fact we all felt relieved. Soon Howard was able to take me over to the clinic and after another wait for my patient husband and daughter, I was seen. The dentist gave me a few injections, all the while apologising for the pain they would cause, and knowing that he would not be popular with me!! He then made incisions to allow pus the chance to come out, although he admitted it might not do very much. He gave me a prescription for a 5 day course of 2 strong antibiotics, Amoxicillin and Metronidazole to tackle the infection and I was free to go home, much to all our relief! Beth was a great support to us all, although her decorating made little progress yesterday!!

Once I was back home I felt exhausted but my beloved was so attentitive bringing regular drinks and delicious curry with pasta. I was glad just to rest and was in bed early. My face had expanded in size as the antibiotics began to take affect! This morning my face is still swollen but has reduced from last night, but we rested in or on the bed till lunchtime, which has helped. I am just resting now after delicious steamed Coley with poached egg and steamed vegetables prepared by my beloved. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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