Life is beginning to normalise

Hello everyone!  I got up a little earlier today but I am still rather in slow motion for me!  I enjoyed my fruit porridge and a boiled egg, which are my weekend treats and for the first time since being ill, I had them downstairs once I was showered and dressed, instead of in bed before showering!  I also with my beloved’s assistance chose a card and wrapped up a present ready to post for my sister in law’s birthday next week.  I also much to my relief completed the 5 day course of my double antibiotics and returned the spare ones to the chemist.  I also chose a couple of thank you cards, one to send to Howard, the lovely nurse, and others at the hospital, who looked after me so splendidly on Monday and one for the dentist, whom I see on Monday for hopefully an end to the saga of the tooth!!

I then decided to make some gluten free crumble for my elder daughter to use up more of my stock of apples.  I shall also take May, a lady who I take to church when she is well enough, a couple of crumbles as she is trying to avoid wheat for digestive reasons with some newspapers she enjoys on the way to church tomorrow, as I am giving a friend a lift and not walking as I do when I am more energised than at present.  I am not going back to my morning exercises at least until I have managed a couple of days back at work or I could set my recovery back!

It is lovely now to relax with my beloved to the accompaniment of Jazz Record Requests on Radio 2.  Home is the best place to be!  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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