Life begins to return to normal

Hello everyone! I have got back to work this week and had a quite good week, although I have felt more tired after my dental abscess. I could not work as long a day as I usually do especially after being off, as I felt too shattered after a day at work. I arrived late for work on Tuesday morning, as I had an early appointment at the dentist, but unfortunately he was off ill, so I saw another dentist, who gave me a dressing as a temporary measure, but I hope to have the offending tooth out on Wednesday, so I hope the dentist will be better by then! I was in bed in good time most evenings. It was good to see Cathy and she treated us to a drink and snack at Café Culture. She is still here this week so she will come with me to the dentist on Wednesday in case I feel at all woozy!

I was able to go to the Acorn Centre to help this week too and on Saturday I even managed to do my exercising again and I walked into town for my treat of a massage, which as usual lived up to my expectation; I nearly fell asleep! I also used up some of my apple stock by making a couple of apple cakes. My day of more activity meant that I was in bed not long after nine O’clock!! I am certainly tired earlier in the evening now!

This morning our minister led worship and it was a worshipful service. As the children’s address he told the story of two men, Mr Brown and Mr Smith, who travelled on the train to and from work together each weekday both reading the newspaper and making odd comments about articles to each other, but otherwise not communicating at all. They also travelled together each Sunday but in the opposite direction, but Mr Smith got off to go to church before Mr Brown each week. One day Mr Brown asked him if he would join him to play golf but he consistently refused as he went to church. One day he said I am sure you would have more fun if you played golf with me, but Mr Smith insisted he must go to church! Mr Brown in final exasperation said why do you always look so miserable and have never asked me if I would like to go to your church?!! Why had Mr Smith never suggested that Mr Brown might like to come to church? That is the point of the message!
He talked about crises in his sermon; the crisis of faith a psalmist experienced which he expressed in Psalm 62, he felt let down by people who attacked him, in fact it was only God he could trust in. There was also a crisis in the gospel reading as John had just been arrested and now Jesus was beginning his ministry and he called the first disciples. The crises were a turning point and formed a new beginning. We face crises but we do not face them alone. God is with us even if we don’t feel it and he bears us up even when we feel alone and lost and abandoned. God does not give up on us, even when we feel abandoned and somehow we are to trust even when we feel we can’t. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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