a pain in the …

Hello everybody! I have had a setback this week but am now beginning at last to feel better. I had the offending tooth out at last Wednesday,  and was so glad to have the support of Cathy and her partner Ken. Cathy drove me for the appointment and waited with me, until she had to leave, as she was having a ceremony of blessing for her and Joseph (her godson) as she had missed the Christening, when the ash cloud grounded the aeroplanes, and Ken took over.

I first went in for an injection then waited, as another patient was seen, so the injection could take hold. However the dentist could see that there was a large infection still present under the tooth, and tested to see if I could feel anything and two injections later, I could cope enough for the dentist to proceed and fortunately successfully extracted it! I have to admit that all the pain had not quite gone, but I prayed so I could disguise any wincing, or I would have had to have another course of antibiotics before they would again try to extract it!

It took a while to stem the bleeding and the dentist then summoned Ken, who, bless him, held my hand and supported me. I could not wish for a better or more supportive family. I must admit I felt rather wobbly as Ken helped me downstairs; the tooth problem seems to have had a really detrimental effect on my general wellbeing. I asked Ken to take me home rather than on to the church service, as I felt rather exhausted.

Cathy arrived back to support me at home, whilst Ken came to do some jobs for us. Cathy saw how wiped out I was and asked me what I had coming in the next few days and rang work to tell them I would not be in at work the next day. The dentist had told me I had to rest completely for at least 24 hours and my beloved and Cathy were not going to allow me to do anything. I must admit that I readily submitted to their guidance as I realised I was shattered. I then said that I was preaching on Sunday and Cathy realised, although I had done the background reading, chosen hymns and prepared the sermon outline, it still needed a lot of work to finish. I had been preparing for a while but I had felt under par since the infection had first started, so I could see it was sensible to inform our superintendent to arrange cover for the service, so I capitulated. Cathy also rang the Acorn Centre to say I would not be able to help on Friday. I have been thankful for my beloved’s care and Cathy’s sensible actions.


On Friday I rang the Acorn Centre to explain and was told I must get myself properly better and not worry. I rang the doctor for an appointment as my mouth still did not feel right, but was told I had to see the dentist, so I rang and got an appointment yesterday afternoon. I felt as though I was being a nuisance but I was glad I had gone when I found out there was still an infection, a secondary infection caused, so the dentist said, by food trapped in it. I had been washing my mouth out with salt water, but not after everything I ate, which he had not specified exactly.

Now on my second course of antibiotics, I am doing salt water mouth washes after every meal or snack. I do hope the tooth cavity will now begin to heal. I hope I don’t have as much trouble with another very decayed tooth the dentist will check in 3 months. I hope I have learnt my lesson and others do not make my mistake.

This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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