My Beloved’s Struggles with his worsening stomach problems!

Hello everyone!  I am glad I have a few days off this next week in advance of our 11th Wedding Anniversary as I am easily tired after my abscess.  I went in to do an extra 4 hours on Wednesday, my normal day off, to do extra summaries, as I knew I was on holiday this week.  I am much further up to date with new patient records, but I have a pile of coding to do when I return to work!!  Also the doctor’s have been down to 2 each week recently as different ones took holidays; in fact we will not have our full complement of 3 doctors before Easter, so there are a pile of letters still not looked at by any doctor and therefore are waiting still to be scanned.  It does mean that I shall have a large backlog of work to do on my return from holiday, but then I am never bored or have time to twiddle my thumbs, which I prefer; I do like to feel I am making progress though and sometimes I feel I am fighting a losing battle!!  We are rather short staffed so I can never do any extra and when the secretary is ill or on holiday I fit in typing referral letters as well!!  My 3 full days of work are soon filled by the work!

I had to return to the dentist on Friday as another filling had come out, and he had to repair a temporary filling which had broken off and do a deep filling; I had a really numb upper lip but did not feel anything.  I can now just come back in 6 months for a check up and maybe root fillings to help save the 2 upper teeth.  I am glad to have a break for a while all being well as the dentist is not my favourite place to go!  I was busy before and after the appointment helping at the Acorn Centre which was good, although I was not allowed to eat for 2 hours and had to buy some straws to be able to drink because of my very frozen, unresponsive, mouth!!

Yesterday I felt more energised just because I knew I was having a few days off, I suppose.  I drove part way into town to take some baking for the fund raising coffee morning at our chapel, before going to the coffee morning at my former chapel to raise money for the homeless with more baking and things for a raffle and to sell.  I stayed there and helped clear up, before going home to see how my beloved was feeling.  He did not feel brilliant.  New medication he has been put on for his stomach problems and pains seems to be having an even greater detrimental effect than the medication he was on before, but he thought he might try to come, especially as he loves being with me.  I had suggested lunch at our coffee morning to help the effort and give my beloved a change of scene, especially as it was such a lovely sunny day yesterday.  That sun certainly helped me feel better.  I had a Scotch broth and tuna sandwiches, whilst my beloved just had some ham sandwiches.  As there is a shortage of space for people to eat, we moved into the chapel to rest in a peaceful atmosphere.  We enjoyed a few minutes of relaxation before my beloved had to go to the toilet, but after he returned he suddenly felt dreadful and faint and quite poorly and needed to go home.  As I had parked the car at quite a distance I knew I had to leave my beloved to get it, but I was concerned about leaving him alone.  The Lord is always watching and as I looked up I saw a mutual friend who had supported my beloved on another occasion and she was happy to stay with him, whilst I ran to get the car.  As waves of discomfort came over him he lost all colour and then his colour was restored and it settled for a while. That has become a pattern of our recent experiences.  On Wednesday my beloved’s doctor added another tablet 3 times a day, ostensibly to help him, but it seems only to have made it worse.  I think tomorrow, if not before, we will have to go back to his doctor to change the medication back to what he used to have!  I wish I could help him feel better.

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