A Holiday with my Beloved

Hello everybody! I have enjoyed a week off work, although my beloved has been unwell this week. It was good to have time with my beloved and do some bits of spring cleaning as well. I tidied one of the sheds so I could move the exercise bike from the hall to accommodate the new folding exercise bike, which takes less space. I have now been back to exercising using my treadmill, whilst on holiday for 10 minutes before doing my Rosemary Conley’s 20 minute workout! The treadmill certainly gets my heart beating faster, so it must be doing me some good. When I am back at work tomorrow I shall just do 5 minutes on the treadmill before my 20 minute workout! I will still manage 10 minutes 3 times a week. My beloved has been helping me reduce my portion size in particular with rice or pasta to aid me to lose the extra weight. I would like if possible to reduce my BMI so I am not so overweight!

Unfortunately we were unable to go for evening meal on February 14th with my sister Janet and her husband of a year Graham at their invitation, as my beloved could not eat much as his stomach was so unsettled. On Monday I took him to both the doctor and the dentist, as he was having trouble with a tooth; I had not realised teeth problems were catching! As suspected he did have a dental infection so was prescribed a course of antibiotics and given an appointment for Friday, when the offending tooth was removed. He rested a lot on Friday whilst I was at the Acorn Centre and when I came home I made a meal he could eat, as he could only have soft food and drink cold non alcoholic drinks; he drank dry ginger and pineapple juice. At least now he is now beginning to feel more comfortable. However on our 11th wedding anniversary yesterday we enjoyed time relaxing together, even though my beloved was not up to dining out. He still had to be careful eating and we were so exhausted that we crashed out in bed early last night. It has just been lovely being with my beloved and being able to care for him this week. It was an enjoyable holiday with my beloved.

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