Struggles of my Beloved

Hello everyone! I have had a busy week at work trying to catch up with the backlog of my work after my week off on holiday. My beloved has had a difficult week struggling with confusing messages from his doctor’s surgery, the latest being a sudden request for fasting glucose test, which initially they required having done before he saw his doctor for a booked appointment; he only received the letter the day before the appointment, so could only have the fasting test the morning of the appointment! He has been more comfortable with his digestive problems and not constipated on his new medication regime, but his underlying ME problems and pain have resurged with a vengeance. His sleep has been erratic, with some nights of no sleep interspersed with patchy sleep. His back pain has made it difficult for him to find a comfortable position to sleep or get up out of bed easily! Fortunately he has a back support which helps a bit as well as the Tramadol pain killer, which means he is now beginning to be able to rest more comfortably. Unfortunately he was feeling more vulnerable and stressed than usual from all the problems he was facing, that it became clear on Wednesday that he was not well enough for me to travel to see my sister Margaret, so I had to cancel meeting Fran, my younger sister to go and see her. I was sorry not to be able to go to see them, but I am glad that I did cancel the trip, as my beloved has been exhausted and easily upset in the last few days.

I was glad I had Friday off as the Acorn Centre was closed for the Half Term Holiday as I was able to relax more. We were glad to hear that my beloved’s fasting glucose test was normal; his glucose test had been found to be too high, but he will have to be reviewed in a year. Today I used the last of our stored apples to make a couple of apple cakes and some gluten free apple sponges for Beth; I am glad I have now finished the apples; it certainly was a bumper year for apples! This evening I have been catching up with my emails and relaxing with my beloved. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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