Another Week has passed

Hello everyone! I have had a busy week at work, but still got a large backlog of work to catch up, especially as the secretary had 3 days off in half term week to spend time with her son. I am concentrating on summarising new patient notes before catching up with my normal coding; I am up to date with the scanning of patient notes, which the doctor’s have seen too.

I had a meeting of the local preachers on Thursday evening, but at least that was my only evening meeting this week, so I could complete my preparations for my service tomorrow evening. It was lovely being able to spend more time in the evenings with my beloved. He has felt more comfortable digestion wise, but a somewhat spastic colon means he needs to be near a toilet, restricting to some extent where he can go out (and for how long).

I am fortunate that I am now feeling fine, and do not have the same problems as my beloved, now that my dental abscess has been resolved. I am managing to do some exercises too each day. I do 5 minutes on the treadmill then the Rosemary Conley 20 minute workout before work, but 10 minutes on the treadmill and the 20 minute workout 3 times a week, when I am not getting up early for work. My day off exercises is Sunday, which makes it even more of a relaxing day for me.

This morning I had a longer lie in than usual, which was lovely, before I did my exercises. I then walked into town and back, collecting goods for the Traidcraft stall ordered from the local shop on the way. It was good to have a walk.

I am now relaxing listening to the play about Mordecai Vanunu: a time to be heard. It was very gripping about his treatment by Israel, after he told the world about the nuclear capability Israel had. He was kidnapped by Israel, jailed for 18 years, 12 in solitary confinement, but even after his release the government of Israel refused to let him talk to foreign journalists or ever allowed to leave the country; he is even now still kept in Israel without being allowed to leave or speak to foreign journalists; although he  has completed his sentence, he is still not free to live!

My beloved and I have been totally gripped by the drama, shown on Channel 4, called the Promise. The scenes dating from the lead up to the granting of the State of Israel in 1948 to the 1980’s, when the granddaughter of a British soldier in occupation after the war to protect the Palestinians from Jewish terrorists came to Israel, in support of her school friend, an Israeli, who had to do 3 years of national service. She found and read her sick grandfather’s diary of the post war years in Palestine, up until the foundation of the Nation of Israel. I found myself constantly reliving episodes from the drama; I was totally involved with all the situations. We have now bought the DVD so we can watch the episodes again. I would recommend it as it is very powerful.

This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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