Life with my beloved

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to say a few words about my beloved, who makes my life complete.  He has had some health struggles this week, with his back problem returning for a few days with a vengeance, but that has happily settled down now.  His digestion is still problematic unfortunately but in his customary way he soldiers on!!  His sleep is still somewhat erratic alternating between almost sleepless nights and exhaustion followed by some more patchy sleep concluded by solid sleep as the day begins. Fortunately he does not resent my sleeping solidly most nights, although he must find that isolating at times.

Yesterday we enjoyed some time in the garden with me tidying up and my beloved re-siting a couple of bird boxes in the garden, hopefully to encourage some to make use of them.  We had a spicy lunch at Café Culture, Chicken Jerk in a panini with salad, lovely even though my tongue was burning!!  I had enjoyed a massage at lunchtime and was feeling very relaxed, so that probably helped me sleep extra well last night!  Today we enjoyed a lovely curry with Saffron rice cooked expertly by my beloved.  We just relaxed listening to some recorded music from an Irish singer, Christy Moore, lovely.  I felt quiet tired so it has been good to relax with my beloved.  It has been a lovely weekend with my beloved.

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1 Response to Life with my beloved

  1. I just don’t know what yours truly would do without you as my bestest friend, lover, companion and spouse – and you still tolerate me despite all my tetchiness! Mind you, I do agree that I’m not a bad cook!

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