Seeing family and friends

Hello everyone! I worked 3 long days at work but still there is a backlog remaining! However next week I am having a temporary helper, who will tackle my pile of coding! That is a relief. It will be good to get caught up with the coding. I am slowing making progress through the new patient notes which is good, as I am keeping up to date with summarising them. I had a busy day on my day off, as I led the service at Berwick Grange MHA Home at 11am. I used Matthew’s description of Jesus’ temptations in the Wilderness. I opened the service with the hymn
‘Father of heaven, whose love profound
A ransom for our souls has found.
Before thy throne we sinners bend,
To us thy pardoning love extend.

I then led prayers before the reading from Matthew, after which we sang a hymn that took me to my junior school;
‘Father hear the prayer we offer;
Not for ease that prayer shall be,
But for strength that we may ever
Live our lives courageously.’ It reminds us that we cannot expect to be free of struggles in life but we need the strength to cope with whatever life throws at us. I then did a short talk using an idea cribbed from our Superintendent minister, when he spoke to the children, and used pictures based on some of the Mr Men, namely Mr Grumpy, Mr Greedy and Mr Nosy, to illustrate the temptations we face, as many of the residents live in their own trapped worlds. As I moved around showing the pictures and talking about how Jesus managed to make the right choices, I told them how Jesus could help us make the right choices. I noticed that a few were smiling and as I was moving around as I spoke helped them I hope to understand some of the message. I concluded the service as we sang the lovely hymn;
‘Jesus, lover of my soul,
Let me to thy bosom fly,
While the nearer waters roll,
While the tempest still is high;
Hide me, O my Saviour, hide,
Till the storm of life is past,
O receive my soul at last.’
That hymn always makes me feel comforted when I struggle in life, as I realise that Jesus loves us and is with us in that struggle and will take us to himself at the end. I always hope a hymn or some word will reach those elderly residents who no longer communicate.

I picked Cathy up after the service and she helped me prepare a salad for lunch;(she is now under Weight Watchers on line!) We then had a drink at Cafe Culture. Time passed so quickly that I did not realise Beth had arrived! Beth and I went for another drink and a chat at the cafe.
That evening I met my best friend Hilary for a meal at Pizza Hut! I then just rested after my busy day off!!
On Friday I was helping at the Acorn Centre and even though there were not many there it was good to help those who had come and there was also the opportunity to listen to the tutor Kath. She was struggling to cope with the deterioration her terminally ill father in law, who had become aggressive in his pain and had to be taken to hospital. She felt in pain with his suffering and yet knew she would feel the loss when he died. She hated to see him as he was so frail and behaving so out of character. Apparently he was seeing people and talking to people in the room that she could not see, and wondered why she was not making a cup of tea for them! Kath always made a cup of tea for his visitors. At other times her father in law seemed to be aware that such sightings of people who had died were hallucinations. That reminded me of my stepmother Kathleen saying how my father, towards the end of his life, talked about all the people there in the room, who Kathleen could not see. I see that experience as a preparation to move on to be with the Lord. Apparently such experiences are very common. I hope I helped her feel a little better.

After the Acorn Centre session I drove over to near the hospital, as I wanted to see May Corner. She was in bed having a blood transfusion and on oxygen again. She told me that she seemed to make some progress then she kept having set backs; I hate to see her struggle in that way. I am sure a younger person than she is (91 ½) would also been knocked by having three sections of her colon removed for cancer and struggled with setbacks too! I hate to see her struggling and suffering. I must admit that I feel helpless when I visit people in hospital. At her request I prayed for her and wished I could do more. I will try and visit her each week at some time.

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