An eventful week

Hello everyone! I have had some help from a Nigerian Surgeon with coding to help reduce the backlog, so I have been concentrating on doing some new patient summaries. He is a very quiet and nice young man. I am still working long days as there is never a shortage of work to do, but I am glad to be busy. I was glad I had the extra help as the secretary was off work with a knockout virus for the first 2 days, so I typed some letters for her, so she would not be faced by too much extra work. On Wednesday morning we had a test drive in a new Toyota Verso S, as my beloved wanted to buy it for me. It has a reversing mirror which is excellent and has 6 gears. I enjoyed the drive, but the delightful sales girl quoted some prices for us and the starting point was higher than we had thought, so we decided not to buy it. However the next day the sales girl rang back with adjusted figures, so this time we agreed and I will get it on April 5th! It was a busy day however on Wednesday with all the excitement of the car and I was also preparing for a service today, so by the evening all I wanted to do was flop so we relaxed and enjoyed the new series of ‘Midsomer Murders’. I shopped after work on Thursday, as Wednesday had been such a busy day.

On Friday morning I drove over to Knaresborough to sign the papers on the new car, which was good. As it is was such a lovely day, I hung the washing out and had to arrange a temporary insurance for the new car, which Toyota insurance provides free, so I don’t have to have 2 cars insured at the same time; but the ‘few’ minutes conversation took longer of course so I was late at the Acorn Centre. Friday was another busy day for me. Yesterday I was putting the finishing touches to my service, which I led today at Hampsthwaite Chapel. It seemed to go quite well, at least one person loved my enthusiastic presentation and they loved the hymns too! Another local preacher said that I could slow down in my leading of worship; I don’t mean to go too fast but I just get totally involved in it and don’t realise I am speaking too fast, especially when I am preaching! I loved the readings today, especially the gospel reading about Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well.

Jesus recognised the kind of woman she was but that did not stop him speaking to her; he could see her need and offered her water which would satisfy her thirst, her search for God and personal fulfilment; only knowing Jesus could truly satisfy her inner needs. As she was outcast in her village because of her lifestyle she came for water in the heat of the day. Jesus did not judge her but accepted her as she was, although she judged herself, when she realised he knew all about her and felt ashamed. She recognised him as a prophet and she believed he was indeed the expected Messiah, when he said he was. Jesus made such an impression on her that she left her water bucket and hurried back to her village to tell other people to come and meet the remarkable man who had told her everything about her life. The Samaritans were so impressed by the change in her, no longer was she hiding away ashamed but she wanted them to meet Jesus. They came to meet Jesus and asked him to stay with them for 2 days. After that they believed not just from her testimony but because they had met him for themselves. Jesus accepted people when he met them without judging he usually initiated the conversation and made them feel at ease. He was patient, listening to their viewpoint and answering the questions. He showed he understood their needs and suddenly they realised he was the answer and accepted him. What can we learn from Jesus if we are to make such an impact on people like that Samaritan woman? We are called to accept people as they are without judging them, listen to them and try to answer any questions honestly. We need to be close to Jesus and learn from him, allowing his unconditional love to flow from us so others want to know why we care.

I am relaxing now with my beloved who is just starting with a heavy cold and is feeling generally under the weather. He produced a delicious lunch but was unable to eat much. I am very blessed by his culinary skills and his love and support and generosity to me. He is now resting whilst the sun streams in. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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