Treated by my lovely daughters for Mothering Sunday

Hello everyone! I have had a good week of work, when thanks to the able help of Ade, the Nigerian doctor the backlog of coding has begun to diminish so I will now hopefully be able to catch up on my own. It has been a pleasure to get to know the quiet, hardworking delightful young doctor and to learn from his expertise at times. I wish him all the best in his future exam in May. I enjoyed my week at work and hope soon to be caught up with the coding. I did some extra work last Wednesday morning, before meeting my friend Christine, a former colleague from work, for lunch. Friday was the last day at the Acorn Centre for this term’s computer course, so I brought in cakes for Easter.

Yesterday I had a more relaxing start to the day as it was Saturday, although I was at the AGM for Fair Trade in the afternoon. That meeting was quite interesting, especially when a lady told us of her trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to see Fair Trade supported Cooperative Farming groups, which grew pineapples and coffee. It was good to see how the Fair Trade premium supported education projects, care of the elderly and processing and packing plants. Fair Trade also pays for supplies in advance so that they can cope with weather problems. I am glad that Fair Trade can make such a difference.

Today was a lovely family communion service for Mothering Sunday led by our lovely minister Trevor. He talked about the origin of Mothering Sunday, when children who worked away from home in service were allowed home for a day to visit their mothers or to return to their mother church. He also had a photo of a mother and baby over which phrases mothers often say or heard from their mums, and he suggested we raised our hands if we had said them or remembered our mothers saying them!! Two which stood out for me were, wait until you have a child like you (said to Cathy) and you cannot have a dessert unless you have a clean plate from the first course, or as I put it to me two girls, you cannot have a pudding if you do not eat your first course!! It brought back memories. After all mums want children to go to bed when they are wide awake and then wake them up when they want to sleep, Trevor added!! Each part of the service was explained as the service proceeded and I was privileged to help with the distribution of communion, which made it special for me on Mothering Sunday.

I did not stay as I normally do after the service for coffee and to open the Fair Trade stall, as Cathy was taking us all out for lunch for Mothering Sunday. It was a real treat as this is the first Mothering Sunday she has been home for since 2009. We had a wonderful meal at one of our favourite restaurants Brios at Hornbeam Park Harrogate. I was really pleased that as I had forewarned them that Beth needed a gluten free diet, that they had special starter bread for her, as well as gluten free pasta; she even had a choice of desserts to choose from, much to her delight! I had griddled sea bass with vegetables, Malcolm had Linguine Marinare, always his favourite, Cathy chose a pizza which she loves and Beth had a pasta dish; we shared a lovely bottle of Sicilian house white wine. For the dessert I had dark chocolate mousse – delicious, Beth had meringue with different fillings, Malcolm had panna cotta, and Cathy had her favourite crumble! We staggered to the car all well satisfied after our delicious meals. At home my beloved produced some lovely proper coffee, before we toasted the occasion with some lovely champagne. Cathy bought me some tulips as well as the meal and Beth gave me two books, including the latest in the series by Elizabeth George, which I have been collecting for 9 years! Their cards were perfect too. I am so fortunate to have such lovely daughters and such a special family!! This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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