My beloved’s bad experience!

Hello everyone! My poor beloved had a terrible experience being unable to eat and having to wait all day before he finally got in for his colonoscopy at 5.15 after waiting two hours; he had not eaten since the previous day at midday. He felt lightheaded and in pain, as he had not taken his painkillers, in case it made him constipated; he felt so uncomfortable that they could not complete the procedure. I don’t know how I will cope when I have mine on May 23rd! I will be starving like my beloved, although I don’t know how I will manage without eating fruit and vegetables for 3 days before the procedure! He felt he had failed, as the procedure could not be completed, but after such a long wait I am not surprised he felt upset and washed out and in too much pain for it to be completed. I felt sorry that he had to wait so long with no food; he also had to sit and wait in a kitchen with drinks and biscuits temptingly there, not being allowed to eat, until he finally got taken in 2 hours late!! It was appalling! At least my procedure will be in the morning, so I will not have to wait all day, before being able to eat, so I am much more fortunate!

Today I went to our former chapel’s coffee morning and we raised money for the coeliac association. My beloved and I then went to our local café for lunch, which was good. As it was still fine and warm we both tackled some garden tidying up; the rain last night made it easier to pull some weeds out! This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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