A week of mixed experiences

Hello everyone! What a week! Time just flies when you are busy and having some fun! I was busy at work, but we had a practice meeting and we had CPR Training on Thursday afternoon, so I did not have as much time to do my normal work this week. The course was excellent as our trainer gave us such clear guidelines on what to do with memorable phrases to aid us in the procedure. It was very helpful and I no longer am totally afraid of attempting to help in an emergency.

My beloved has had a difficult week, since the attempt to do a colonoscopy for him could not be completed. He has felt extremely uncomfortable, bloated and uncomfortable all week and he is completely exhausted. Any procedure affects him far worse than people who do not have his underlying condition of ME and it will take him a long time to recover fully. He will not be able to go through all the restricted diet and preparation again, nor the procedure as it was too painful. I will be having my colonoscopy a week tomorrow, so I will be feeling shattered and starving by today, after 2 days of a very restricted low fibre diet in preparation. I will be glad when it is over and I hope they manage to deal with my haemorrhoids.

On Friday it was lovely to pick Cathy up and have her come for tea after I had been at the Acorn Centre. She has done very well following her online following of the Weightwatchers Diet, losing 18 pounds! She has to check everything for points online to keep within her correct points to keep within the right diet. She even had to weigh the cooked jacket potato to calculate the point value!! She spotted a hot cross bun and worked out the points and was able to treat herself!! I do admire her doing that. I cannot do that. It is lovely to have her home for a couple of weeks; we missed her last month when she could not get home. Beth popped in to collect some things she had forgotten and it was good to see her for some time. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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