The long Road to Recovery

Hello everyone! I have had a difficult week since my last post. I finally admitted that my sore throat was affecting my sleep, so I went to the Out of Hours Doctor at the hospital. My throat proved difficult for the doctor to see especially as it was so tender, but eventually she managed to see it properly and diagnosed acute tonsillitis! She prescribed me double VK Penicillin 250mg four times a day. I managed with difficulty to swallow the tablets and got 3 doses down that day. I took my first dose on Monday but still found it difficult to swallow or drink fluids; drinks all tasted funny and unappetising. After a couple of hours I vomited and after that I could not keep anything down, not even fluids, never mind tablets! I rang our doctor and asked if a doctor could ring me back. My doctor was like me surprised as I have never had an adverse reaction before to penicillin before, so suggested that I take just one tablet when I took my next dose. I did as he suggested but about 2 hours after taking that dose I vomited again and could not even keep drinks down! My beloved was wonderful trying to encourage me to drink and take painkillers, but I was concerned as he was now worried as to why I could not keep anything down, so I rang my doctor’s again, explaining the situation and waited for the duty doctor to phone me that afternoon. The second doctor suggested I stopped the penicillin and she would fax a new prescription for erythromycin through together with some tablets to prevent my being sick, which I had to dissolve slowly in my mouth between the upper lip and the upper gum, called Buccal tablets. The problem was that I could hardly move let alone drive and my beloved cannot drive. I was so grateful to the duty doctor and said ‘Bless you’ when she suggested faxing the medication. I also felt very relieved that there might be a way to take and complete the course of tablets to heal the tonsillitis.

It was a real surprise that I had tonsillitis, as it is something my younger daughter has had at times, but I haven’t had it since I was young!! By that evening I managed to keep the tablet down, although I still had been unable to think of eating and found drinking an effort! I slept better that night and managed to take the next dose fine and even felt I could manage a boiled egg and toast. At lunch I managed to eat a couple of haddock fish cakes and at tea a sandwich and was relieved to find that I was drinking a little more and even eating a little; I must have been on the mend! I came down for a few hours on the couch that afternoon but still felt washed out. I realised that I would definitely not be able to return to work last week. Cathy had told me not to go to the Acorn Centre on Friday and by Thursday afternoon I realised that any activity I did just knocked me out and made me have to lie down. Fortunately I am on holiday this coming week, as it is my beloved’s birthday on Wednesday and I always take a break to relax with him; I am sure I am going to need a few more days before I feel any better, at least better enough to drive!

My poor beloved had his back locking suddenly on Thursday morning and he could hardly move. Fortunately his acupuncturist was coming that afternoon and she knew what part to stimulate to help him. Painkillers and rest helped the back recover enough for my beloved to be able to move more easily. At least now I can do a little more so my beloved can rest, although I have to have regular rests, as I still tire so easily. Cathy came to see us on Friday and she was a great help, shopping at the local shops, washing up for us and making drinks; so good to see her. Today Beth, my elder daughter, came for lunch, having got us some shopping from Sainsbury’s and then she drove me to Pets at Home for replenishing our garden bird food. Since then I have had to rest, as I have so few reserves of energy; maybe I will soon start getting my normal energy back. I hate missing work and being off from the Acorn Centre.

Cathy, having chatted with Beth, told me to think hard about what I could give up, as I have been ill so much this year and under par. I know they are right, so I am going to relinquish some committee responsibilities at church; my job, my volunteering at the Acorn Centre and my preaching are my most important commitments. I always try to fit too much into my life. I will try to be sensible from now on! This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it!

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3 Responses to The long Road to Recovery

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    ‘buccastem’ I think? Sorry to hear about the illness – sounds to have been quite severe. Glad to hear you are recovering

  2. helenbeech says:

    Yes, thanks, I am now on the mend, but I have to keep resting after doing a few things. At least I have finished the antibiotics today, so maybe that will help me pick up more.

  3. Helen Evison says:

    Yes, thanks,Selwyn am now on the mend, but I have to keep resting after doing a few things. At least I have finished the antibiotics today, so maybe that will help me pick up more.

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