Annual leave helps my recovery

Hello everyone! I have enjoyed a week off with my beloved building up my energy. I am still tired but feeling much better now I have had my annual leave with my beloved, as it was his birthday last week. I am glad I was on holiday as it has given me more time to recover from the tonsillitis. I am battling with feeling a bit low and overreacting to things, maybe as my resources are lower since being ill. At least it has made me re-evaluate things as I have succumbed to one thing after another this year, so my daughters told me I must give some of my commitments up, as I cannot keep well.

Although my beloved has kept saying I was doing too much, I was more receptive to my daughters’ concerns, as I did not want to keep on being ill. So the first thing I did was send apologies for two meetings, explaining to the first that I had taken on more than I could manage by doing emails and organising information about fairs, where Fair trade could be promoted; I received an immediate reply saying that one of the members of the group understood exactly my position. He took on what was concerning me and set my mind at rest, which took a weight off my mind. I then began to write a letter of resignation to the church leaders, our deacon, our minister and associate minister from my chairmanship of the committees I was on. My beloved edited it to make it flow better and I felt relieved to post three copies to the ministers.

It was good to do some weeding and tidying up in the garden, in between the showers which are so much needed. It has been good to be in the open air more. On Wednesday my beloved’s birthday, Cathy took us out for lunch and after lunch I drove us over to the Otley Garden Centre, as we both had birthday vouchers to spend. We were able to buy some wildflower plants for our wild area and a planter with herbs as well as one or two other things. It was lovely to browse and enjoy the variety of goods on display. On Thursday Beth came over and we enjoyed a drink with my beloved at Café Culture. We also had a short walk together.

I was pleased to be able to help at the Acorn Centre this week although I was surprised to feel more tired than usual afterwards. We joined Cathy at Luke and Joseph’s house, where she was babysitting for her godson. She was cooking for him and he is so gorgeous now repeating words and signing words as his father Luke’s parents are both deaf, as our some of his cousins on his father’s side. He spoke words so clearly, such ‘dinner’, Cathy and hot. He clapped me as I was shown how to fasten him in his high chair and finally succeeded in doing it!! He tried to sign to me but I do not understand signing with hands as he does. When my beloved and I were leaving he got upset at first as he thought Cathy was going too, but he soon settled when he realised it was just us going, so he was then happy to say goodbye to us.

Everyone at church were so pleased to see me which was so lovely. Our deacon and minister said I had done the right thing resigning from the committees and I then began not to feel so guilty. I feel better now I have seen them and I am looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad it in.

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