A good week

Hello everyone! I have had a good week at work with the help of a colleague’s student son doing most of the scanning, so I have been able to concentrate on doing new patient summaries and catching up with some of the backlog of coding. The doctors have also cooperated by looking at the letters regularly so that there have not been piles of new letters, waiting to be scanned on the computer, and then it is easier to keep up with them.

It has been good relaxing with my beloved each evening after work. On Wednesday I was fortunate to be able to see a dentist, when there had been a cancellation as another filling had come out! I did not want to risk another abscess by ignoring the loss of a filling. I will have my regular check up next month too.

On Friday I got soaked in a downpour after I had helped at the Acorn Centre and was crossing the Stray to collect my car, as I wanted to get home in good time, as my sister Janet and her husband Graham were visiting with some of her family. Her daughter Esther was over with her husband Alfie and their two lovely children Joshua and Hannah from America. They always have a tight schedule when they visit but Janet always makes an effort to fit us in. We managed a quick inspection of the garden although we could not sit out in the garden because rain was imminent again. It was good to see them and I was glad to see them enjoying the tin of Foxes Special Selection biscuits and a slice of homemade chocolate each, purchased from a coffee morning. I have been so busy recently that I have not had time to do any baking before their visit. Joshua aged 7 is always more forthcoming but it is difficult to get 5 year old Hannah to say very much, as she is so shy. She relaxed more when she was having fun with our toys which make sounds, a cheeping chicken, a chicken which wished us happy Easter, a heart saying things about love and a dog that laughed hysterically!! Janet does not see the attraction of such items, which my beloved and I enjoy so much! The heavens opened again when they left so they had to make a dash for the car.

We had torrential rain and thunder and sheet lightening that evening so we unplugged our TV aerials especially as the storm was so close! It was good to be safely inside.

We had a coffee morning at my former chapel and I saw the first teacher I had at the age of 6 when we moved to Harrogate. I remember her very well as she looks just the same in so much as she is still stick thin only older! I also remember her as Miss Moxon who suddenly became Mrs Gill, something a 6 year old would remember I am sure! She sat with us and then remembered that Fran and I had travelled away for a time and I said that we visited Australia to see our mother’s sister Barbara who had emigrated there 16 years earlier. I was 13 on the way to Australia and Fran was 10. Apparently my sister Fran did not want to share any of her experience with other pupils at St Peter’s Junior School on her return; probably she was too shy and did not like being put on the spot. Maybe as I was older and also loved to share my experiences the memories have lived with me as vividly now as they did then; I kept reminding myself that I must remember being in the different places, as I realised what a privilege it was to travel by a liner to and from Australia, seeing places en route. The only time I regretted the fact we were travelling to Australia on a liner for 28 days was at the beginning in the Bay of Biscay when I felt really seasick and wondered how on earth I would survive the voyage!! Of course I soon got my sea legs and by the time we were passing through the Great Australian Bight it was hilarious when it became rough as we ‘drunkenly’ made our way along the corridors! I remember my father refused to have a bath when the water kept moving, whereas my mother was never put off a bath!!

I visited my friends at the hospital and was distressed that May had had a further deterioration in her health, following her colostomy. I thought I would pop in on Betty our neighbour who is battling with debilitating illnesses including Parkinson’s Disease and recovering from a breakage; I met her husband John on the way and was pleased she remembered me and was interested in the coffee morning I had attended earlier to raise money for brain tumour research; Betty knew it was to raise money in memory of Martin Small, who had died from a tumour within a short time of diagnosis; I also reminded her of Kate Duncan who died last year. We raised £100 for the cause yesterday.

Today our service was led by the vicar of St Peter’s Church, who is sharing our premises whilst his church is being refurbished. He introduced Bernadette, who had just been ordained, and we applauded her, much to her surprise; we seem more spontaneous than the Anglican Church. Rev Tony Shepherd spoke about what the role of his new curate Bernadette would be. She would be there as a witness of her faith and the church’s shown to the local people; be involved in the future cooperation of St Peter’s Church with our chapel Wesley Chapel after the Anglican church returns to their building. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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4 Responses to A good week

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    I remember your trip to Australia well. I think our Jonathan was born while you were all on board ship – Norman and Ruth’s first grandchild.

    • helenbeech says:

      Hi Selwyn,

      Yes, Jonathan would have been born whilst we were in Australia. I had my 13th birthday on board the ship and I was 13 when he was born. He is the eldest of my nephews.


  2. Fran says:

    I remember Miss Moxon! Very tall and thin, as you say. Yes, it definitely sounds like me, not wanting to stand up and tell the class about our trip. I didn’t like being the centre of attention. And of course I remember the Australia trip very well. What about the delicious packed lunches Auntie Barbara made for us for school ? Sausage rolls and tomato ketchup; my first ever taste of a walnut whip! Wonderful!

    • Helen Evison says:

      Of course you did hate being the centre of attention and it would have shut you up. It is funny what different things you remember. I had forgotten the pack lunches and even the walnut whip, even though food was always more important for me than for you at that time. I remember pumpkin pie as very different; the dachshunds and Matthew being shy and Janet being beautiful!! It is odd what I remember.

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