A somewhat turbulent week for my beloved

Hello everyone! This last week has flown by. Work has been busy as usual, but I have had help with scanning from the secretary’s student son, so my coding backlog is reducing; I am also keeping up summarising new patient notes, which is good.

My beloved has not had a good week health wise; he has been getting many more aches and pains especially in his wrist which has been affecting his sleep. He has felt exhausted most days and his painkillers do not seem often to touch the pain. I hate to see him struggle.

On Wednesday Cathy came to have a drink with me at Café Culture and it was good to see her again, before she set off to meet a friend, Leanne from her days on cruise ships. Born in Bradford Leanne now lives in New Zealand with her partner and baby son, but was over visiting her parents; it was lovely for Cathy to catch up with her after not seeing her for 7 years!

After a better night’s sleep my beloved hardly stirred as I got up for work on Thursday. I touched his arm and he briefly opened his eyes as I kissed him goodbye. After I had been at work at least a couple of hours I got a phone call from a somewhat anxious hubby, as he had woken up suddenly, thought I was late for work, but having checked to see if the car was still there, he realised I must have left! He had no memory of my kiss goodbye. I shall remember to make sure he has spoken to me before I leave and not assume he realised I had kissed him goodbye!

On Friday I was helping at the Acorn Centre as usual and then I visited May and was relieved to see her looking better than the previous week; it is an uphill struggle for her following her colostomy. I enjoyed a relaxing evening with my beloved, although he was suffering with a lot of pain. After a lot of pain still he had a better night’s sleep but found it really difficult to wake up on Saturday morning.

As Cathy was coming over to join me and David at Café Culture at 11am, I asked my beloved if he would be up to getting up to join us. He did his best to get up but it was a struggle, as he walked along with me to join Cathy and David. I could tell he was still struggling to wake up but he made some valiant efforts to join in the conversation until he suddenly jumped up and left saying he was freezing! As soon as he had gone Cathy and I felt the cold draught my beloved had been protecting us from! I said my goodbyes to David and set off after my beloved, who had reached home and was trying to get warmed up. Apparently the cold suddenly hit him!

I decided to do some tidying up in the garden and my beloved took some photos of our garden and its insect life. Suddenly he felt giddy and went inside when not much later I joined him, planning to prepare lunch, but my beloved was suddenly taken ill with shooting pains from the top of his left arm. Lunch was abandoned as we set off for casualty to make sure it was not heart pain. My beloved’s blood pressure was higher than normal, but as we waited eventually for about an hour and a half, he was taken into a cubicle to have an ECG and await a doctor. Happily the ECG was fine and his blood pressure had settled in a more normal range, when the delightful Rumanian doctor checked him. Happy to discuss Rumanian wines my beloved relaxed with the doctor as she checked his arm and where it was tender; the problem turned out to be caused by his misaligned back and his herniated disc; he needed anti inflammatory medication in addition to his usual Tramadol. Unfortunately he was in so much pain he could not get comfortable last night and it proved hard for us to get to sleep, although I slept well as usual eventually, whereas my beloved had a much more unsettled night. He has managed better today with his shoulder support and of course his wrist support, even doing some gardening, so he is feeling more optimistic today. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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