A week of socialising and family time

Hello everyone! It has been a good week, especially as I have seen Cathy a couple of times before she goes off on her next stint to America in her job, which she loves. She won’t be back until August 26th so it will seem a long break. Her job means she comes home at some time each month; she has just been home for most of July which has been lovely for her partner Ken and us. It has been good to speak to Beth on the phone, as she has been really enjoying her holiday this week; she has enjoyed getting on with jobs in the garden and round the house. It was lovely to hear her sounding so upbeat; she had some very difficult weeks at work, as two bakers were off sick and another on holiday; she kept going, which was good, but it is great that now she has some time to relax and do her own thing. I was so proud of her when despite the busyness of her life she completed her Access course with distinctions in her last exam and her report. She deserves her break now.

I had a busy week at work, but the backlog of coding is now down to about 3 weeks, so I look forward to catching up with it. I am keeping up to date with New Patient notes summaries at work too, so maybe soon I may be able to summarise outstanding notes in the practice. It has been so helpful to have the scanning done, so I can concentrate on coding and summarising.

On Wednesday I relaxed in bed a little longer than usual, as it is my day off, but I was going into work to do some extra coding, as I was meeting my friend Christine who used to work with us for lunch in Wetherby. We had a light lunch and then had a walk to the river and back to the surgery, which I enjoyed before heading home to my beloved. I shopped on the way home at Sainsbury’s but that took me longer than I wanted, as it is such a large store. I must admit I prefer to shop at Waitrose, even though I have to go to Sainsbury’s for a couple of items every couple of weeks. I then seemed to be so busy, unpacking shopping, preparing my salads for the rest of the week, making an apple cake for the final computer lesson last Friday, so my poor beloved began to feel neglected on his own. Time passes so quickly!!

I had a long day at work on Thursday as one of our receptionists was having an at home evening to which we were invited from 6pm, as I decided to go from work. I stayed until just after 7.30pm, as I was tired and needed to relax at home with my beloved, who had not seen so much of me the previous day. I must admit although I like spending time with my work colleagues I was relieved to get home as I can relax there most easily.

On Friday it was the last week of the computer course and the apple cake disappeared quickly as well as the other goodies I had brought. I am glad that from now on I shall Fridays off until the course resumes on September 16th.

On Friday evening Janet and Graham joined us for the evening meal; my beloved’s chicken dish made after char grilling the chicken fillets and his delicious roast potatoes were much appreciated by them. It was relaxing to spend the evening with them, even though Janet kept falling asleep; my beloved’s choice of red wine was nectar, which is what contributed to Janet’s sleepiness. We had lovely Gu puddings as a sweet followed by cheese and biscuits, as they both prefer savoury dishes. It was lovely to chat and laugh with them; they are so lovely together, so affectionate and they tease each other; Graham and Janet share so many interests and activities; they seem even more in love after more than a year of marriage! It is always a pleasure to spend time with them; I am so glad she has this second chance of happiness with Graham. God is good.

On Saturday I managed to get my service preparation completed for the service today, but enjoyed my treat of a massage; I even fell asleep! Fortunately I woke up in time to get home before Cathy popped in to say goodbye. I hope next week will not be quite busy!

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