A week of ups and downs

Hello everybody! I have had a somewhat turbulent week in that I have felt rather low and exhausted this week, but I am beginning to feel better today. Yesterday helped as my beloved and I just relaxed together watching 2 brilliant films as we transferred them to DVD; namely ‘Séraphine’ and ‘Born Yesterday’ with a wonderful performance by Judy Holliday. I felt much better after that and we enjoyed the humour of John Bishop too later.

I was busy at work as usual but I have nearly caught up with my coding backlog, which is a great relief; I am also keeping up with new patient notes summaries. I took a service at Berwick Grange MHA Home on Wednesday.

On Thursday evening I learnt that my friend May had died after a 5 month battle with bowel cancer, after a major operation to remove the lower 3 sections of her bowel 5 months ago; she was amazing in her ability to struggle on at the age of 91 after such a major operation. May was a wonderful lady who had up to recently still contributed to magazines with articles. She had had her first letter or article published when she was 15. She was wise and on the ball until the end; she was a special talented lady, who I have been privileged to know; she wrote poetry and was creative in other ways too. She had been a life long supporter of the Liberal Democrats and a devout Christian who loved to worship, when she was well enough. I knew her originally at my former chapel but when she moved into Harrogate, I would take her to our chapel, when she was up to it or when she was seeing her son, Donald, who was the apple of her eye. She has extremely talented great granddaughters and a grandson who used to come to play scrabble with her. I felt bereft when I heard she had passed on but also relieved that she was out of her suffering and free with her Lord. I know she is now at peace.

On Friday we discovered the pond pump was not functioning properly when we took it out and took it to the shop to get it cleaned; we could not get it apart; the lady in the shop took it apart with difficulty. It appeared to be working, but nothing happened when we put it back. Fortunately there was a card at the Water Centre of a man who could maintain the pond, so we called him; he came that evening and tried the pump and found that part of it had broken; he has ordered a new part and will fit it when it arrives. Paul will also give our pond a thorough clean, as my beloved with his recent exacerbation in his back problems and his general worsening of his ME this year, has been unable to do his usual maintenance. It is a relief to both of us as my arms are not long enough to manage to do it. We finally decided on a which new washing machine to buy, a Bosch, as our old machine banged around frighteningly in the kitchen, as it did the final wash, leaking in the process! Those decisions caused us stress but at least now decisions have been made to solve them. My poor beloved felt it was his fault that he could not do more himself. I disagreed and reminded him that I also could not do many things, but we just have to do what we can and accept that we cannot do it all; and not beat ourselves up about it. I am slowly learning that too. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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