A life of adjustments and business

Hello everyone! I have had another busy week at work but I have now caught up with the coding at work, so I can summarise new patient notes and begin on the backlog of old records which need a more updated summary. I have found the work of a student scanning the letters on the computer an invaluable support when I was catching up. Now as he is still doing some scanning for me I can concentrate on the more specialised parts of my job.

After work on Tuesday I cleared the bookcases in the hall and moved the books and other accumulated stuff into the front room in preparation for the arrival of our new washing machine. Our old machine banged so much that we had to close the door to the kitchen, so we could hear ourselves speak! It always leaked leaving a wet patch on the floor, so my beloved had ordered our new machine from the Cooperative; it was the best deal all around. They were to arrive somewhere between 7am till 8pm, but they arrived just after 8am and disconnected our old machine and after some struggling managed to get our new machine installed in the same space; it needed some help to get fitted in! The installers from the Coop were brilliant, not getting phased by any hitches in the instalment despite the problems; they were supposed to complete the whole procedure in 15 minutes, but did not give up until they were finished. I had to leave while the paperwork was being signed as I had a dental appointment at 9am. Of course once it was installed we had to get the books all back on the shelves and clean up. We also had to test our new machine to make sure it didn’t leak, which it didn’t but it took us a while to work out to use it. It washes better than our old machine but I am learning which programs to choose. I have still to find a way of doing a half hour tumble dry or a less long wash as the set washes seem to take a long time to finish; it is lovely to have the softness of the towels after a tumble dry; drying in any other way makes the towels hard.

On Friday I went to the doctor as I have found things still getting on top of me, so she has increased my medication to help me cope better. I will see her in a month for a review of how I am feeling. I have been feeling more weepy and stressed recently; my beloved has been struggling with more pain and less sleep and I have had 3 preaching appointments and a service at the MHA home all since July 31st and including this evening, which has meant busier evenings and my days off busier too. I love to preach as I love to share my love of the Lord but I prefer more time to prepare properly.

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