The importance of family and fellowship

Hello everyone!  Once again the week has passed very quickly after preaching last Sunday evening.  I left work early on Monday to attend May’s funeral at the Crematorium; it was a lovely service led by our new minister, who had in fact been to visit her 3 times in her final weeks.  May had commented to me about how lovely Tim was.  In fact he has been making a point of visiting the people in our congregation; something which was not our previous minister’s forte!  His strength seems to be his pastoral care and the way he spends time with us.  His sermons are well thought out and often challenging. 


On Tuesday I made up the hours I had missed the previous day and make quite good progress.  I am almost up to date with the coding, even though the new patient summary I had chosen turned out to be a marathon one, so I did not have time to start another.  I am glad that I got that one completed.  On Wednesday it was lovely to have a lie in for a change and spend more time with my beloved in the garden and just enjoying being with him.  I had another long day at work on Thursday, but enjoyed my afternoon jog and fast walk, which gives me a breather before refreshed I get back to work.  I had no idea when Cathy suggested I take such a break that it would be so beneficial for me mentally and the increase in my powers of concentration after it.  On one occasion the heavens opened and although I was dripping on my return I felt better for the fresh air and burst of exercise!


On Friday I could not lie in as long as I had on Wednesday as I had to go to an appointment in town, but I enjoyed the fast walk into town and managed to get some shopping I needed, before returning to enjoy my beloved’s company and relax again.  On Saturday I was able to enjoy more of a lie in, although I do not find it easy to lie in much longer than 8 or 8.30 before getting going.  We have been enjoying the Proms on the television courtesy of BBC 2 and BBC 4.  We love our free view channels, especially BBC 4.


I have felt tired this week as I am just getting used to increased medication to help me cope better with the pressures I have been under recently.  I have begun to feel more optimistic and not quite so easily upset, although I am sorry my beloved has had more pain and trouble especially from his under arms and his left wrist; he has to take more painkillers, which he hates to do, and wear the splint on his left wrist to ease the throbbing.  I am fortunate not to have the physical my beloved contends with on a daily basis, I just have a tendency to be hard on myself, as I am always aware of my failings.  My beloved still assures me I am loved, but I hate it when I feel inadequate to help him and when I forget to do some things or take a long time to get myself caught up with things.  Yet I am organised at work and in my sermon and service preparation I try to be thorough.  In my normal life I tend to do have some silly blips, which I laugh about but feel frustrated underneath.  I know I am very fortunate in my family, my beloved, my church fellowship and my work and have no reason to struggle at times.  However I realise that I have to accept that I have a tendency to depression and accept that it is fine to take medication to keep me stable; if I had a heart problem or diabetes I would have to take tablets for that; why should a depressive illness be any different!  Of course it isn’t and I am thankful for the help of the doctor and the medication; I am who I am and I am glad I am the person I am.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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