Where does the time go on holiday at home?

Hello everyone! The more time I have off the less time I have had to do my blog! I have felt much more tired since I stopped work for this time off; probably it was accumulated tiredness. I am still surprised that I am sleeping later than normal, but I must need it. I certainly cannot keep awake long in the evening. I have enjoyed reading, tidying up in the garden and beginning to sort out books we can send to the charity shops. I have not yet moved to the loft to clear out, but I should soon be able to do that. The trouble is we are both such hoarders and as quickly as I tidy one bit up more seem to accumulate and fill the space!! We have caught up with some recorded videos and DVDs we had not yet watched. The best part of it is relaxing with my beloved and enjoying time with him. I am sure I will get back to work feeling refreshed and able to do my work more efficiently after my lovely break.
It has been good to see and spend more time with my daughters. Cathy was only here just over a week but spent most of her break resting as she was suffering from jet lag and exhaustion. Her lovely partner waited on her hand and foot so she had time to recover. They managed a night at a Spa with treatments and a massage to aid their relaxation and Cathy’s recovery.
I met Beth for a drink and a cake in a café in Knaresborough which made gluten free cakes, as Beth is a Coeliac. I had an ordinary piece of cake which was so enormous that I cut a thin slice from it and took the rest home; my beloved enjoyed some on two separate occasions!! This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Where does the time go on holiday at home?

  1. Glad to see you’ve written. I missed your usual Sunday blog. Now Malcolm is writing so rarely we’re depending on you to keep us in touch. Give him our love. The Vixen.

    • Helen Evison says:

      I have felt rather exhausted as Malcolm has not been well for a while. I have just enjoyed relaxing and resting and doing things with Malcolm when he has been up to it. I also have increased my antidepressant dose which has begun to help me feel less stressed. Cathy has also encouraged me in my attempt to lose weight, giving me pointers from following Weightwatchers; Cathy looks great now she has lost the weight she gained through comfort eating after her best friend’s death almost a year ago. The tips she has given me have begun to bear fruit! My main problem is weight around my waist and stomach and following her ideas and Malcolm reducing my portion sizes has been helping me. I am now about 6lb overweight on my bathroom scales; I am trying to reduce my BMI from 27 to 26 and possibly to 25! Thanks for your comment.

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