A lovely break with my beloved

Hello everyone! I am finally beginning to feel more rested except in the evening when I do tend to yawn a lot! At least I am beginning to wake up a little earlier than I did last week and as I have been on holiday with my beloved I have also started each day with 10 minutes on the treadmill and my 20 minute Rosemary Conley exercise, which has set me up for each day. We had a visit to the Garden Centre at Otley which we enjoyed, although our start was delayed by my car immobiliser starting an alarm, which could only be quietened by putting the key in the ignition! I could not get my key to unlock the door, so I had had to put my key in the car door, which had triggered the alarm!! My poor beloved had to put his hands over his ears!! I drove over to the Toyota garage from which we had bought it to ask why that had happened. Apparently the frequency had been disturbed by something nearby and there was nothing they could do, except suggest I ask the people nearby if anything had changed in their homes such as wi fi! I asked my immediate neighbour who was at home but she had done nothing different, but later on the car unlocked and locked as normal with the key. I think something must have been interfering during the day but by the evening it had stopped! Much to my relief after having his fix of ‘Bargain Hunt’ he was able to go to the Centre, but I had found the whole experience stressful, as the alarm could not be stopped for 20 seconds, which seems a long time; at least I now know that if I press the unlock once I am in the car with the key in the ignition, then the alarm will not be repeated!!

On Wednesday a further problem emerged in that my beloved could not retune our bedroom TV to the new digital channel. He had no problem with our downstairs television or our digital recorder or the set top box. In the end he had to download the instructions for our television upstairs from the Internet and finally on page 32 he found the place he could retune it. Soon our two televisions were ready for us to see BBC 2 and 1 on the reorganised Digital channel. That accomplished he could then relax, but unfortunately he was not up to joining me when I went over to Knaresborough to meet Beth, visit the Market and have a drink and a cake. Being Market Day the restaurant where we had gone the previous week was full, which was a problem as that one had served Gluten free cakes which Beth needs. So we set off exploring Knaresborough to find another restaurant with Gluten free products. Fortunately we found a restaurant with plenty of space, which had just begun to bake Gluten free cakes and biscuits, much to our relief. I had a fruit scone and Beth had gluten free biscuits; later she will be able to have gluten free bread there. It was lovely to relax with her there.

Yesterday I enjoyed time with my beloved even though he was exhausted. We enjoyed the radio play. Ken Dransfield rang to ask if it was convenient to call round and I said yes, but suggested he joined us at Café Culture, as my beloved had suggested we go there. He arrived at our house initially and as my beloved was in the garden I suggested he might like to see our pond in its pristine state. He followed me into the garden and found it amazingly peaceful by the pond. He felt we could be anywhere in the middle of the country not in an urban garden; he could recognise what my beloved loves about our garden. We enjoyed a drink and cake at Café Culture introducing Ken to the experience which he also enjoyed. I have enjoyed my extra time with my beloved and having a rest. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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