Enjoying time with family and friends

Hello everybody!  I had a good week at work although I did not catch up with coding the letters as I had to do some typing to do on Thursday, as the secretary was off on leave, but I hope to catch up next week. 


On Sunday Cathy came briefly to see us – lovely!  She was also going to see us on Wednesday afternoon but as she was spending the day with Luke and Joseph; Luke lost his beloved wife Kate a year ago yesterday and she was Cathy’s best friend; they were supporting each other.  My beloved and I went over to see them, but Malcolm felt unwell so I took him home, but not before he had taken a couple of photos of Joseph and a short video.  Cathy had been baking with Joseph, who at just twenty three months was eating more of the biscuit mixture than was getting cut and put on the baking tray!!  Some did get cut into shapes and tasted good when baked!!  I then dropped Cathy at her home as she was quite tired, after all she works as a nanny as her job and is on a break, when she is meant to relax! 


I was busy again at the Acorn Centre on Friday as there a lot of new students; it is good to be busy there.  Beth came after I had got home from the Centre and we went together to Café Culture.  It was good to see her too.


Cathy came over with little Joseph on Saturday afternoon whilst his dad played football.  We took him over to Café Culture as it is a child friendly café.  He enjoyed exploring and playing with a child’s apparatus there and trying to get the attention of other children there.  He enjoyed some teddy biscuits as well there.  Malcolm managed to take another short video of Kate’s delightful son; he is a tribute to her and her lovely husband Luke.  Joseph goes regularly with his daddy to see his mother’s grave and kisses her picture; he is now expert at refilling the vase with flowers.  It is so sad but Luke is doing a marvellous job of bringing his son up on his own!  We also took Joseph to see our fish in the pond, although he kept saying ‘Quack! Quack! So he was perhaps disappointed that we did not have any ducks!  He loved the fish and watched them being fed.  He kept taking my hand and leading me to look at particular things in the garden.  He was fascinated with a snail he picked up but was careful to return it to the place he found it.  We then came inside and Joseph enjoyed especially seeing the fish in our aquarium and was careful to bring the objects to be shown to the fish; they were not to miss anything!  It has been a lovely week with my beloved too especially sharing these great moments.


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